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10 Best Salad Places in Jakarta

Being an urban people can be challenging when it comes to healthy eating. Thankfully these days, there are more places

Best Places for Jamu in Jakarta

Indonesian herbal drink or known by locals as "jamu" is starting to get popular again in this millennial era. Along

7 Maternity and Nursing Stores in Jakarta

Mama-to-be needs some new clothes! Here are top 5  maternity and nursing stores in Jakarta to stay comfortable and stylish through your pregnancy.
7 Jakarta Bespoke Tailors for Gentlemen

7 Jakarta Bespoke Tailors for Gentlemen

If you are a gentleman looking for a perfect suit to wear, most probably you will prefer a bespoke (tailor made) suit rather than ready-made one.

11 Best Restaurants in North Jakarta

North Jakarta area is getting hyped with many restaurants and cafes appear as exciting dining and hangout places. Here we

5 Best Lamb Chops in Jakarta

There’s nothing like a good ol’ plate of freshly grilled, juicy pieces of lamb chop. Often shadowed behind its popular
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