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ULTIMATE GUIDE JAKARTA - Nightlife & Partying

Explore Jakarta's dynamic nightlife with the Ultimate Jakarta Nightlife Guide, ideal for locals and visitors alike. Uncover the city's top venues, hotspots, and experiences, from trendy bars and clubs to cultural performances. Immerse yourself in Jakarta's vibrant nightlife scene for unforgettable nights in the city that never sleeps.

Best Speakeasy Bars In Jakarta

These bars are not exactly secret to Jakarta’s bar-hoppers but are definitely inspired by

Best Bars in Jakarta 2024

15+ Best Rooftop Bars and Sky Lounges in Jakarta

Where are the best rooftop bars & sky lounges in Jakarta?

Upcoming Music Concerts and Festivals in Jakarta

Say hello again to music concerts and festivals.

Best Cigar Bars and Lounges in Jakarta

The vibrant Jakarta is adorned with an array of refined cigar bars.

Best New Year Parties in Jakarta

Whoever looking to spend New Year’s Eve in Jakarta is spoiled for choice.

Jakarta's Best Clubbing and Party Places in Jakarta

Looking for where the best party places for clubbing and throwing parties in Jakarta?


Whether you enjoy it from the tap or bottle or prefer it crafted, let's get together and

Where to Celebrate Negroni Week in Jakarta

These are a few highlighted bars to celebrate Negroni Week in Jakarta