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Experiences: Discover the Best of Jakarta

Embark on a journey of discovery with our editor's latest experiences in Jakarta. From hidden gems to popular attractions, uncover the best that Jakarta has to offer. 

Hidden Away: Tracing to the Elite Residential Area to Try Warung Jajan Qiut’s Bakso Jenggot

The excitement of hunting for delicious food like bakso (meatballs) in Jakarta is everyone

Yialos Grill & Souvlaki - Jakarta's Premier Greek Mediterranean Dining Experience

Amidst the diverse array of restaurants spanning various cuisines, finding a truly rare ge

Top Reasons Why We Love Staying at PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Jakarta

The recent inauguration of PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Jakarta on January 8, 2024, has usher

Exploring the Artistry of Omakase with Global Flavours at MISS FISH Jakarta

Omakase is a Japanese dining experience where the chef creates a carefully curated and per

Indulge in a Casual Twist-inspired South American Flair at Casita by El Asador

After 11 years of dedicated commitment and unwavering perseverance, El Asador which serves

Hidden Away: Babi Tong - A High Step to Find Delicious Smoked Pork

Sometimes, you just want to discover hidden spots opposite from your usual brunch hotspots

Feast over Japanese-Peruvian Specialty Cuisine Meets Sophistication at Barra

It’s always fun and exciting when the arrival of a new restaurant is attended by something

Hidden Away: Culinary Escape to the Heart of Java at Bebek Perdikan

Passing through one of South Jakarta’s narrow streets amid soaring skyscrapers and cluster

Hidden Away: SINKE 316 Whips Up Flavourful Hokkien-Style Noodles in Kemang

Nothing quite says “comfort” and "homey "like a bowl of hot, soothing noodles.

Immerse in the True Authentic Japanese Dishes in the Peaceful Zen Setting at Kenjiro

In the thick and bustling food scene of South Jakarta, Kenjiro stands out

Ascuas Sunset Dinner “MEAT MYSELF AND I” at CASPAR

We can agree that sometimes Friday nights can be the hottest night to go out for dinner or

Revel in the Vibrant Dining Scene with Uncle Sam Flavours at Home by Moonshine

Jakarta has more than its fair share of new dining and hang-out spots, and some