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Pò Noodle Bar is Where You Get Hongkong-inspired Noodle Fix

Rejoice noodle heads! To those who are always on a hunt for new noodle joints, come and try Pò Noodle Bar which fits right into the buzzy yet quiet Cikajang area, Jakarta Selatan. As the name implies, Pò in Chinese means “soul”, adopting this philosophy in its food, Pò Noodle Bar has the commitment to bring a soulful experience to the table.

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Online Groceries in Jakarta

As the traffic grows thicker, more Jakartans have resorted to online services to save time. From clothes, food, computers, to groceries. This is the era of clicking away for everything. We compile a number of online grocery shops that enable you to browse for products on your screen, instead of the aisle.  Meat? Click. Tomato? Click. Shampoo? Click!
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