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The Opening of Pasarina by Ranch Market, the First Brand Metaverse Supermarket in Indonesia

Pasarina by Ranch Market in Jakarta offers a unique concept, bringing fresh air to the retail industry, especially in this post-pandemic period as the family's first choice in meeting their daily shopping needs

Celebrating Bloomsday 2022

The Embassy Ireland to Indonesia celebrates ‘Bloomsday’ on 16 June 2022. Bloomsday is a celebration that takes place both in

V-Soy Media Luncheon

V-Soy World Indonesia always wants to inspire their audience and consumers through its activities and campaigns. This time, V-Soy World

Opening of Art Moments Jakarta Online 3

Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 (AMJO 3) returns with a hybrid concept showcasing more than 1,200 artworks from 52 art

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