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Blood Donation with HARRIS Suites Puri Mansion

A blood donation occurs when a person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions and/or made into biopharmaceutical medications by a process called fractionation (separation of whole blood components). Donation may be of whole blood, or of specific components directly (apheresis). Blood banks often participate in the collection process as well as the procedures that follow it. The amount of blood drawn and the methods vary. The collection can be done manually or with automated equipment that takes only specific components of the blood. Most of the components of blood used for transfusions have a short shelf life, and maintaining a constant supply is a persistent problem. This has led to some increased interest in autotransfusion, whereby a patient’s blood is salvaged during surgery for continuous reinfusion—or alternatively, is “self-donated” prior to when it will be needed.

Independence Day should be a festive celebration on August 17th, this blood donation event is one of the events to welcome Indonesia’s independence day which was held today on August 15, 2022 at the Create Ballroom, Ground Floor of HARRIS Suites Puri Mansion. This event is open for public, all tenant of the Puri Mansion Apartment, All employees of HARRIS Suites Puri Mansion, Surroundings area of West Jakarta and also attended by Mr. Heri Nurdin, SE as Head of Sub-District (Lurah) from Duri Kosambi, Cengkareng, West Jakarta and also implement the standards of Health Protocol as recommendation by the Government Regulation.

Anton Rezie, General Manager of HARRIS Suites Puri Mansion said “We hope that with CSR (Blood Donation) which coincides with Indonesian Independence Day, HARRIS Suites Puri Mansion can continue to synergize in supporting programs from the government on a regular basis to help the surrounding community, especially the West Jakarta area.”

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