Best Public Swimming Pools In Bandung

There are plenty of things you can do while visiting Bandung. In addition to shop-hop and culinary experience, try to get some healthy and fun activities

Taste – ManA Foo & Cof Bandung

Located in the Dago Pakar area, ManA has an interesting and unique decoration. The interior is dominated with brown, white,

Explore – Festival of Light

Festival of Light is a recently hype tourist destination in Bandung. The park that contains various forms of lanterns can

Guide To Riau Street – Bandung

Riaoustratt or Jalan Riau, which is loosely translated as Riau Street is one of the most popular areas in Bandung,

Bandung New Tables: August 2019

Hello August! We invite you to try a new kitchen & coffee shop, a “Jumbo” restaurant, and an all-day dining

Bandung New Tables – July

Japanese restaurants and coffee shops are still popping up in Bandung. See the list below for your July culinary references.
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