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Discover the best and fun things to do in Bandung, this is also your guide to find the best lists in town from food & drink, party, hotel, school, communities, expat life, and many more.

Where to Eat at Paskal Hyper Square

One of the most visited areas by tourists and locals, Paskal Hyper Square

Bandung New Tables: October 2023

It's the month of October, so make the most of this October by checking out some of

Best Places to Get Pho in Bandung

Looking for warm, comfortable food that tantalizes the senses after a long

Best Burger Places in Bandung

A burger lover's paradise, these places offer exceptional burgers to satis

Bandung New Tables: September 2023

It seems there is a new Bandung opening every week.

Top Trendy Cafes on Braga Street - Bandung

Recently, Braga Street has been getting more and more bustling.

Best Gudeg in Bandung

Gudeg, a beloved culinary creation hailing from Jogjak

Best Sundanese Restaurants in Bandung

Embark on a delectable journey through the rich and fl

Best Padang Restaurants in Bandung

The one that is consistently perfect for a delightful

Best Indigenous Indonesian Restaurants In Bandung

Indonesian cuisine is no doubt rich in flavors.

Bandung New Tables: August 2023

Every month, new restaurants and exciting cafes open a

Best Cafes on Bengawan Street

Bengawan Street is bustling with activity every day, c