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FEATURE Bandung - Lifestyle

The latest news in the lifestyle industry. Get updated with the most happening and up-to-date forthcoming things in Bandung.

Boost Your Creative Spirit through Collaborative Works with Artists Bill Mohdor and de Braga by ARTOTEL

ARTVENTURE, a collaborative event between de Braga by ARTOTEL and Bill Mohdor Studio, aime

Introducing "Smells Like Sera": A Local Perfume Brand Redefining Fragrance with "Scented Moments" Program

Bandung-based perfume brand, Smells Like Sera, is prou

Embracing Sustainable Living Through Art: MOHOI Exhibition at de Braga by ARTOTEL

With the growing concern for sustainable living, where lifestyles aim to minimize negative

Embracing the Radiance of Islamic Art: "Bulan Terbit" Exhibition

In a gesture of profound humility and heartfelt appreciation, the Grey Art Gallery proudly

Enter the Gaming Haven: Exploring Land of Gamers

A new playroom has joined the lively neighborh

The Screening of PrizedMoments 2024 Finalists at Grey Art Gallery

The Grey Art Gallery is set to host the screening of the finalists for PrizedMoments 2024,

The 1st GREY Annual Award 2024

The Grey Art Gallery has launched an annual art competition focusing on monochromatic work

Sensatia Botanicals Opens a New Outlet in Bandung

Sensatia Botanicals, a beauty product manufacturing company from Bali, opened its newest o

Kota Baru Parahyangan as a Year-End Holiday Destination

Kota Baru Parahyangan, spanning 1,250 hectares, is a pioneering and expansive educat

URBAN & CO Concept Store Officially Opens in Bandung

Exciting news echoes through the fashion scene as URBAN & CO Concept S

Trademark Vol. 2 - Neon Glow: Illuminating Bandung's Creative Spirit

Following the resounding success of the April event, Trademark Market, the