Profile of the Month: Randy A. Gutierrez, Assistant Superintendent of Global Sevilla

Randy A. Gutierrez, Assistant Superintendent of Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla is one of the few schools in the world that includes mindfulness activities in the character-building programme. Global Sevilla stands for three values that become the soul of the school community, "Giving, Compassion", and "Self-Control". Thus, the school is on track to produce students with “future skills” such as interpersonal, problem-solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurial, and leadership as well as an ability to strive in a digital and multicultural world. 

As the newly appointed Assistant Superintendent of Global Sevilla Schools, Randy A. Gutierrez has 24 years of teaching experience. With his high academic background, Mr. Gutierrez graduated with the highest degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management. His bachelor’s and master’s degree are both in Mathematics education. 

With an incredibly skilled, dedicated, personable, creative, and communicative teaching prowess, we sat down with Mr. Gutierrez for an exclusive interview about how he manages the school community and aims to ensure that the community is uniquely keeping the mindfulness program.

Tell us a bit about your role – what does your day-to-day routine look like?
As an Assistant Superintendent and part of the management team, my daily routine is to look into academic operations. Coordination with the principals and other school staff to ensure that academic programs and some activities in the school run smoothly basically are part of my job scope.  In addition, our management team deals with issues related to the teachers and staff and finds ways on how we'll be able to resolve those issues.

Global Sevilla is a Mindfulness-based School, can you share with us what is it all about?
Global Sevilla is a leading mindfulness-based school here in Jakarta and perhaps one of the few schools in Indonesia having this kind of program that is integrated into the curriculum. Some schools are having this tagline of character development and I would say that in Global Sevilla, we tackle character development as part of our Mindfulness program. We are teaching our students to become more aware of themselves and what is happening within their spectrum. The most important thing is for them to stay in the present moment where several mindfulness activities like mindful breathing, mindful walking, and body scanning are being practiced.

What is your vision and mission for Global Sevilla?
With our school's mission and vision of nurturing global students with character, I envision our students upholding the core values of giving, compassion, and self-control wherever they go and how these values are applied in their everyday life. When they graduate from our school, I would like to see how our students are confident in expressing themselves and how mindfulness helps them to become better members of the community they live in. 

In a vastly competitive and academic world, what is Global Sevilla’s major strength?
Nowadays, teaching competencies is one of the indicators of determining the school’s strength. In Global Sevilla, aside from a strong faculty lineup, having a caring and loving family is considered one of our school's strengths. This is emulated through the communication culture between the teachers and students. Every single individual is treated with respect. Furthermore, the parent support group and the high qualifications of our teachers help to strengthen our school community. 

Randy A. Gutierrez, Assistant Superintendent of Global Sevilla
Randy A. Gutierrez, Assistant Superintendent of Global Sevilla 

What educational options are currently available at Global Sevilla?
Aside from the academic programs, we also offer extracurricular activities such as scouting, sports, performing arts, academic clubs, community immersion programs, and educational field trips. In addition, university counseling is offered to our graduating students to prepare them for university admission. 

What has been your most difficult moment as an Assistant Superintendent?
As an Assistant Superintendent this school year, I may say I don’t have a moment that is challenging yet but would like to share something that I observe in our school. This moment is when our teachers and students are shifting classes from offline to online due to the ongoing pandemic situation. There are instances when everyone needs to be flexible in their schedules and know how to adjust their learning plans. This sudden shift can happen anytime from kindergarten to the secondary department. The good news here is our students understand such learning flexibility and that they are always prepared as they have been accustomed to the system. 

Can you share a little bit of your future plan for Global Sevilla?
As a school leader, I am looking forward to the growth of our school community. This growth covers areas of academic performance, a strong faculty lineup, and of course improvements in our school facilities.  In addition, I am hoping that the community of parents and others find how mindfulness helps them in nurturing their children and this our school’s DNA becomes part of everyone’s well-being. 

Finally, when you're not working, what do you do in your spare time?
During my spare time, I read professional notes mostly online so I have something to contribute to the teachers during our professional learning community. Also, these professional readings help to share some ideas with other school leaders so we can do all the best for our students, teachers, and staff.