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V-Soy Appreciation Night & Gala Dinner



Marking the start of 2024, V-Soy World Indonesia hosted an appreciation night and gala dinner to extend their heartfelt gratitude to retail customers of V-Soy across Indonesia. This event was conducted successfully on January 26th, at Ballroom of InterContinental Jakarta Pondok Indah.

V-Soy invited the representatives of retail customers to witness the historical night as V-Soy was honored to be chosen by Alodokter as one of the recommended healthy products, receiving the title “AloChoice”. The “Wondrous Goodness of Nature” event attended by the principal from V-Soy Thailand, management team of PT Sukanda Djaya as sole distributor of V-Soy Indonesia, along with representatives from Thai Trade Center, DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion), and Royal Thai Embassy. The “AloChoice” placard symbolization was handed over by Mr Rendra Irawan Syahwali Putra as Vice President of Alodokter Media Business to Ms Evlin Wangsadirdja as Brand Manager of V-Soy Indonesia and Ms Nampetch Tatiyawong as General Manager of International Business Green Spot Co.Ltd and Principal of V-Soy.

Taking Indonesian cultural values as its theme, V-Soy presented a variety of live entertainment, such as a beautiful amalgamation dance of Indonesia and Thailand, a country where V-Soy established, talk show with Sigi Wimala as V-Soy Brand Ambassador and Alodokter, cooking demo, as well as angklung ensemble performance by Saung Mang Udjo. The festive gala dinner was closed by the performance of Indonesian Diva, Titi DJ.

V-Soy AloChoice

Alodokter is a trusted digital health platform in Indonesia that has helped more than 30 million users every month. Alodokter provides first aid for every patient by online health consultations performed by doctors and medical staff.

Meanwhile, AloChoice is Alodokter Choice, a medium to inform Alodokter's selected products, which have gone through a credible verification process to ensure credibility, quality and proven medical claims, thereby gaining public trust.

V-Soy was chosen as one of AloChoice's products because it is considered a hygienic product that prioritizes health, made from high quality soybean ingredients without artificial colorings and flavors. V-Soy is very suitable for consumption by vegetarians and lactose intolerants, as well as for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers because it contains high nutrition. All V-Soy products are also packaged in hygienic packaging with sterilized bottles and UHT cardboard packaging. This makes all its products guaranteed because they have been certified by ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

Ms Evlin Wangsadirdja, as Brand Manager of V-Soy Indonesia revealed her excitement, "As V-Soy has been selected as AloChoice product, it is expected that V-Soy will achieve higher brand awareness among consumers and Alodokter members so that V-Soy gains even more trust and credibility as a health product in the public eyes.”

New Product Launch

In mid-2024, V-Soy Indonesia is excited to announce the launch of its several new variants; V-Soy Healthy Selection Series, V-Soy Cocoa in 200 ml tetra pack packaging and V-Oat by V-Soy with the following ingredients:

1. V-Oat by V-Soy, is a high fiber oat drink from Swedish oat created for oat lovers.

2. V-Soy Healthy Selection series consists of V-Soy sugar free and V-Soy multigrain low sugar, which does not contain sugar cane and is lower in calories. This product is made as a more nutritious and healthier product.

3. V-Soy Cocoa with UHT tetra pack 200ml packaging, with 100% plant-based goodness and real cocoa taste (pure chocolate taste) and lower in sugar, perfect to satisfy chocolate lovers who prefers a healthy and highly nutritious drink.

"With several variants that will become V-Soy breakthroughs in 2024, it is hoped that V-Soy is able to meet market tastes and reach a wider range of Indonesian consumers. Not only it targets at people who love highly nutritious plant-based drinks, but V-Soy can also reach oat and chocolate lovers." said Ms Evlin, Brand Manager of V-Soy Indonesia.

About V-SOY

V-Soy is 100% plant-based soy milk with low calories and zero cholesterol. “In accordance with their tagline, “The Smart Soy Solution”, V-Soy encourages consumers to implement a fit and healthy lifestyle and so achieve a high-quality life”, said Evlin Wangsadirja, Brand Manager of V-Soy World Indonesia.

V-Soy is proud to launch 5 new flavors; original, multigrain, cocoa, low sugar and golden grain, ensuring V-Soy is everyone’s choice and favorite soy milk.

For further information about V-Soy, kindly visit their Instagram account: @vsoyworldindonesia