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Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran Shares Joyfulness With Indonesia Cares for Cancer Kids Foundation (YKAKI)

Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran   

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a routine monthly agenda of Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran  hotel, had the opportunity to visit one of the Cancer Foundations located at Jalan Percetakan Negara, Central  Jakarta called Indonesia Care for Cancer Kids Foundation (YKAKI)  

 This activity was attended by staff and the Hotel General Manager. This CSR Activity is to provide support,  attention and affection to children in YKAKI. During visit, the hotel organizes exciting activities to create joyful  memories such as decorating Cupcakes that using whipped cream with various choices of toppings that really  attract the interest of all the children. 

This CSR activity is a form of Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran's concern for the condition of the  surrounding community, especially children and cancer sufferers who were visited this time. “Through the CSR  program, Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran hopes to provide support, happiness and enthusiasm to YKAKI  children” continued by Mr. Jaya as General Manager in his short presentation

This is a real form of Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran's concern for the environment and public. Through  this activity, the hotel wants to provide a little happiness and support to the children for always fight and pray  against children's illnesses. Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran is committed to continuing to implement CSR  programs that are beneficial to community and surrounding environment.

Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran    
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