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Toscana Reopens with New Flair

The inception of Toscana holds a profound personal significance for its proprietor, Mrs. Ellyta Soetantyo. Her great love for Italy's vibrant culture and exceptional cuisine, particularly in the cities of Milan and Rome, led her to establish Toscana on July 27, 1996. Distinguished as one of Jakarta’s pioneering authentic Italian restaurants, Toscana has consistently offered an immersive culinary experience steeped in Italian traditions for 27 years. At that time, Mrs. Ellyta fearlessly introduced a unique concept: an unpretentious yet sophisticated dining establishment featuring a menu of cherished Italian comfort cuisine, using high-quality ingredients typically found at five-star hotels.

This year marks a significant milestone for Toscana as it ushers in a fresh era of hospitality. Following an extensive six-month renovation, Toscana is now poised to extend a warm welcome to its guests, unveiling a brand-new logo, a stunning aesthetic transformation, the introduction of a talented new chef, and a completely revitalized menu. While staying true to its long-standing tradition of serving delectable dishes that have delighted its patrons for years, Toscana's rejuvenation is geared towards broadening its customer base and venturing into new markets with its time-tested concept. Amidst all these exciting changes, Toscana remains steadfast in preserving its core values: authenticity and providing guests with comfort and satisfaction.

The Understated Elegant Design

Toscana's revitalized design takes cues from the enduring rustic charm that defines the restaurant's character. The famous exposed brick walls have made way for blue-painted surfaces complemented by rich wooden accents, resulting in a modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the updated furnishings. Towards the entrance, an air-conditioned terrace beckons guests who seek a semi-alfresco dining experience. The glasshouse sits 16 people in utmost comfort.

The new look of Toscana's main dining area now features a sophisticated bar that can accommodate up to 6 guests and a pizza bar that can accommodate 4 guests. This exquisite bar is graced with a contemporary light fixture suspended above the bartender's workspace, where their skilled mixologists artfully prepare an array of refreshing beverages, including a range of signature cocktails. The indoor area sits a total of 60 guests in tables and booths, with an addition of a 10-seat private dining room, ideal for intimate dinners or small gatherings.

“Italian culture has always been centered around family and gathering. The new Toscana is designed to provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, mirroring our cuisine's light and breezy nature. I believe the customer's experience is profoundly influenced by the interior design and ambiance of the restaurant they dine in,” said Mr. Hasan Masyhur, General Manager of Toscana. Coming from a solid hospitality background, Mr. Hasan boasts an extensive 23-year career, showcasing his talents at esteemed restaurants across the United States and prestigious five-star hotels in Jakarta.

The newly renovated Toscana strives to elevate the dining experience while  preserving the timeless, romantic, and mature ambiance that has been cherished for generations.

A Culinary Endeavor

Toscana is thrilled to introduce its newest executive chef, Akmal, who is originally from Singapore. A gifted and youthful culinary artist, Akmal previously held the esteemed position of head chef at Sama Sama, a renowned Indonesian restaurant in the Lion City. With over a decade of expertise in Southeast Asian fine dining, Chef Akmal is poised to infuse Toscana with an exciting new culinary perspective.

The reimagined menu at Toscana has been meticulously crafted under the supervision of Chef Mario de Carlini as consultant. Mario is a seasoned chefintimately acquainted with the restaurant's history, having served as its inaugural chef when it opened its doors in 1996.

Chef Mario, a master of classic Italian culinary technique, joined forces with Chef Akmal, a virtuoso of modern contemporary cuisine, to curate a collection of inventive Italian dishes that remain deeply rooted in tradition. Through this valued teamwork, Toscana has transcended beyond offering classic Italian staples like pasta and wood-fired pizza, now presenting a wide array of Italian main courses, including dry-aged bistecca and a delightful assortment of seafood dishes.

Some of Toscana’s must-try dishes are Tonno Bellavista, tuna belly confit with avocado puree topped with stem capers; Livornese, linguine, fresh tuna loin confit, seared Hokkaido scallop, baby squid topped with premium housemade breadcrumbs; Dry Aged Striploin, Australian grain-fed black angus MB4+ (30 days), cannellini beans served with green peppercorn sauce; and Tiramisu.

Drawing upon the nostalgia of loyal patrons, the revamped Toscana takes a strategic stance as the favored Italian dining haven in South Jakarta celebrated for its tantalizing culinary selections, intuitive service, and refined interior design. Toscana is open to a diverse clientele, such as food enthusiasts, corporate leaders, multi-generational families, socialites, couples, and globetrotters. It also provides an ideal setting for commemorating special occasions.