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The New Height of Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Keyaki Presented by the Collaboration of Two MasterChefs

The New Height of Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Keyaki Presented by the Collaboration of Two MasterChefs

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant, perched on the 90th floor of Pan Pacific Jakarta, stands as the city's highest dining destination, offering a unique and immersive culinary experience. Highlighting Kyoto cuisine through an exclusive partnership with renowned chefs from Kyoto, Keyaki is led by Executive Chef Kunihiro Moroi in collaboration with two Michelin-starred Chef Takagi Kazuo. The menu pays homage to the refined traditions of Kyoto cuisine while blending seamlessly with a modernist approach to flavors and presentation.

The New Height of Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Keyaki Presented by the Collaboration of Two MasterChefs

"As a native of Kyoto, I have a deep understanding and respect for the nuances of traditional Kyoto cuisine. The dishes presented at Keyaki reflect the essence of Kyoto’s dining experience by combining authentic cuisine that showcases the artistry and seasonality of Japanese cooking, while also highlighting the natural flavors of each ingredient. At Keyaki, tradition seamlessly merges with innovation in an immersive dining setting. Guests can expect visual and gastronomic delights with every high-quality, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredient, paired with relaxing ambience from the city’s uninterrupted view, and a sincere service from our well-trained staff. This creates a uniquely Keyaki experience for our guests,” explained Chef Takagi.

Keyaki Chef Kuni and Chef Takagi Action

In collaboration with Chef Takagi, Chef Kuni has meticulously crafted Keyaki's distinctive menus, offering a wide range of options. From popular Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki to exclusive Chef's Table selections featuring seasonal set menus, Keyaki's offerings highlight both signature dishes and seasonal specialties. The blend of traditional techniques with innovative twists creates a unique dining experience that perfectly captures the essence of Kyoto flavors.

Keyaki Signature Menu-Dashi jelly vinegar seafood 2

“Our menus, ranging from popular Japanese dishes to Chef's table selections of set menus that highlight the restaurant's unique dishes and seasonal selections. Among Keyaki’s signature dishes, guests can savor the flavors of Monaka salmon marinated, Salmon belly carpaccio, Unagi truffle roll, Dashi jelly vinegar seafood, Spicy salmon roll, Grilled oyster. and Warabi mochi,” added Chef Kuni.

Keyaki Dining room Facing Window

Complementing the incredible culinary offerings, Keyaki also provides a wide selection of beverages to enhance guests' dining experience and create a more personalized journey. The choices include a variety of small-producer sakes, a curated cocktail list, boutique wines, and both local and international beers, all thoughtfully selected to complement the menu.

Keyaki Signature Menu-Unagi truffle roll

Keyaki stands out as a premium culinary destination in Jakarta, offering not only exquisite cuisine but also a stunning view and sincere service. The use of local fresh ingredients, the Chefs’ expertise in creating unique flavors, and the meticulous presentation of each dish set Keyaki apart from other Japanese restaurants in the area. Every dish represents their dedication to delivering an unforgettable dining experience.