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Hennessy Unveils a Series of Limited Editions with Artist Yang Yongliang to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Hennessy Unveils a Series of Limited Editions with Artist Yang Yongliang to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Award-winning Chinese artist honors the Year of the Dragon, blending ancient art and digital technology to bring the mythical creature to life

Maison Hennessy welcomes the 2024 Chinese New Year, the Majestic Year of the Dragon, with a striking limited-edition collection inspired by a digital art piece created by visionary Chinese artist Yang Yongliang, called ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’.

Hennessy Unveils a Series of Limited Editions with Artist Yang Yongliang to Celebrate Chinese New Year

In honor of the dragon, the most symbolic and vital animal of the Chinese zodiac, Yang Yongliang has combined traditional drawings with striking digital art which literally breathe life, movement, energy and fire into a collective of metallic dragons dancing in and out of waves. The unique artwork has incredible attention to detail, with a three-dimensional element which brings out even the texture of the dragon’s skin and teeth. Each bottle features a color which embodies the aspirations of the new year; red for joy and luck and gold for prosperity.

Yang Yongliang grew up in a picturesque old water town in Greater Shanghai and was trained in traditional Chinese landscape painting. He later went to college in central Shanghai to study digital and three-dimensional art. As he was growing up and learning about different artistic techniques, Shanghai was undergoing a significant and rapid urban transformation all around him. All of these influences fuelled Yang Yongliang’s artistic style, and he is known for mixing traditional Chinese art with contemporary, innovative digital technology, practicing digital photography like a painter. His work for Hennessy sees him combine these artistic mediums, with ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’ connecting the past to the future, taking the traditional dragon and breathing life into them with a three-dimensional element.

Hennessy Chinese New Year XO

Says Yang Yongliang; “It was important to me to work with a brand that has respect for its own history and traditions, as Hennessy does. It links the present to the past in everything it does, and I resonated with that. My inspiration for this collection comes from my special fondness for dragons –they’re so symbolic and legendary, and I grew up hearing stories about them. When I was a young boy, my grandmother gave me an antique coin with a dragon on it. I wanted to share that memory in this Hennessy collaboration, and that’s why the dragon has a metallic surface, like a childhood memory of seeing a dragon on a coin. Using contemporary digital technology meant I could add a three-dimensional element and bring the dragons to life, and I hope this inspires people to learn more about the historical and cultural contexts of dragons.”

Inspired by Maison Hennessy’s campaign strapline ‘together we are unstoppable’, the limited-edition collection embraces the ethos of 2024; a year to unleash positive energy and celebrate what brings us together. The art adorned bottles are available in VSOP, XO and Paradis – an exquisite and rare collectable decanter in a beautiful oak gift box. They are all perfect as either a gift during the festive season, or as a drink to see in the new year with friends and family, or even as a centerpiece in the home.

Adds Laurent Boillot; “Hennessy has a deep connection with Chinese culture, as we have 163 years of shared history. We are delighted to celebrate the majestic Year of the Dragon. The artistic genius of Yang Yongliang seamlessly blends traditional Chinese art and legend with modern mediums and digital photography. He brings to life powerful, legendary dragons. We’re very excited to launch our limited-edition collection globally and to welcome this New Year with our Hennessy friends and family.”

Hennessy Chinese New Year VSOP

Hennessy’s V.S.O.P has a signature blend which has remained untouched since its creation. It is a distinctive classic, unanimously loved for its versatility – whether that’s neat, over ice, in a cocktail or as a long drink.

Crafted at Maurice Hennessy's request for friends & family, the Hennessy X.O is a multifaceted cognac that has become a timeless icon for the world's first X.O blend.

For this special Chinese New Year edition, Hennessy has partnered with Red&White, one of the leading wine and spirits retailers in Indonesia. The Hennessy V.S.O.P and X.O 2024 Chinese New Year edition will exclusively be available for purchase at the Red&White Chinese New Year Fair from 30th of January to 4th of February at the Laguna Atrium of Central Park Mall. During the fair, customers can do spirits tasting and get a special gift with purchase and a calligraphed fan, as well as experience Hennessy’s Dragon Odyssey booth.