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DOEUN, Experience a Korean Culinary Journey Crafted Using Long Kept Family Recipes

DOEUN, Experience a Korean Culinary Journey Crafted Using Long Kept Family Recipes

DOEUN, the latest jewel in Jakarta's thriving culinary landscape, is set to enchant food enthusiasts with its artisanal Korean cuisine. Located in the heart of Menteng, DOEUN presents an exquisite blend of traditional Korean flavors and modern dining experiences.

DOEUN, Experience a Korean Culinary Journey Crafted Using Long Kept Family Recipes

DOEUN's journey began in 2017 with DOEUN Kitchen, a humble home business founded by Chef Kim Doeun in South Tangerang. Starting with homemade frozen foods, spices, dressings, jams, syrups, and scones, DOEUN Kitchen also catered to outside events. As the business flourished, it expanded to include cooking classes, where Chef Doeun taught stay-at-home moms how to cook using DOEUN Kitchen’s products.

DOEUN is Where You Can Experience a Korean Culinary Journey Crafted Using Long Kept Family Recipes

These classes soon became delightful social gatherings, with participants staying after sessions to enjoy lunch and socialize at Chef Doeun’s home. Gradually, these gatherings evolved into private dining events, where Chef Doeun hosted meals and charged based on the number of guests.

After three years of offering home cooking services, hampers, event catering, cooking classes, and private dining events, Chef Doeun decided to open a drop-off kitchen in Jakarta to better serve her local customers. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she demonstrated resilience and adaptability by relocating to Jakarta. Partnering with a business peer, she expanded DOEUN Kitchen into a larger operation. On September 17, 2023, the new and improved DOEUN was born.

Doeun Interior

Before embarking on her culinary journey, Chef Doeun led a diverse life as a certified fitness, golf-pilates, and aquarobics instructor. However, a life-changing incident took her to Shanghai, China, where her love for cooking began to flourish. Driven by her newfound passion, she returned to Korea and immersed herself in the study of Korean cuisine, exploring its ingredients, cooking techniques, and traditional recipes.

Embracing her new passion, Chef Doeun reconnected with her family roots, adopting a traditional approach to cooking. She delved into her family's recipes, particularly those from her mother’s side, and mastered food preparation techniques, including fermentation. This dedication to traditional methods sets DOEUN apart from other Korean restaurants in the capital.


“I do not use any salt, sugar, or additives directly to create flavors. Every dish at DOEUN is crafted through a long and laborious fermentation process,” she revealed. “I believe this ancient technique that I learned in Korea offers a more natural taste that is still rich in flavors. My cooking is known for creating succulent dishes that are light yet flavorful.”

Signature Dishes
DOEUN offers a wide array of dishes, but some are considered Chef Doeun’s best creations based on customer review/order:
Woodae Galbi: This dish features beef ribs from the sixth to eighth rows, known for their tenderness. The meat is lightly smoked before serving to add a hint of smokiness without overpowering the taste. Served with two options, original and marinated.
Diamond Cut Galbi: Diamond-cut beef marinated in Doeun's special sauce, a homemade blend crafted from beef stock. The secret sauce takes over 10 hours to prepare and cook.
Gochujang Iberico Pork Belly: Using Iberico Pork, one of the top three pork varieties. Marinated with homemade gochujang sauce crafted by Chef Doeun.
Butter Dry Aged Beef: Beef that has been butter dry aged for a minimum of 45 days. The aging process results in a richer flavor.
Japchae: Each component is prepared upon order. Utilizing a home cooking method that eliminates the use of cooking oil.
Samgyetang: This chicken soup is rich in flavor because it uses beef broth that has been cooked for 24 hours. Comforting.
Sundubu Jiggae: A traditional Korean tofu and beef stew, cooked using fermented sauce, results in a light yet flavorful soup due to the use of natural ingredients.
Sous Vide Octopus with Gim Puree: Deep fried sous vide octopus served with signature sauce made from cream, butter, and seaweed.

In addition to its tantalizing dishes, DOEUN offers the Makgeolli Signature Series to complement the meals. This series is a heartfelt tribute to Chef Doeun’s mother and aunts, with each flavor carefully crafted to reflect their unique personalities and the culinary lessons they passed on to her.


Starting as a humble home business, DOEUN has evolved into an upscale and sophisticated establishment, showcasing the exceptional quality of food curated and prepared by Chef Doeun. The restaurant's interior features a modern design with subtle Korean accents seamlessly integrated. This minimalist approach was intentionally chosen to highlight DOEUN's true star: the food.

Jl. Yusuf Adiwinata No.29, Gondangdia, Kec. Menteng, Jakarta 10350
Phone: +6281111128900