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Celebrate Oktobeerfeast with Pizza E Birra at Gandaria City on 21st October!

Pizza E Birra, a sports bar under the ISMAYA Group, invites all music and food enthusiasts to join in the annual celebration of Oktobeerfeast on October 21, 2023. This event will be filled with various delights, including exciting games and rides, as well as live music performances by renowned bands.

Ananda Soebandono, Marketing Manager, Pizza E Birra said that "Oktoberfest, which is usually held in Munich every year, is a global celebration of Bavarian culture and, of course, delicious beer. Oktobeerfeast at Pizza E Birra is our way of celebrating the enjoyment of beer. This event will feature our scrumptious special menu, various games, including GIANT Beer Pong with Marco Randy, Hammer Toss, exciting rides like Bull Rides, and live music performances by The Adams, Ali and Biru Baru. You can also sing your heart out to your favorite songs with the Hura Hura Club!"

Noval Atmadinata, Authenticity (Class Mild) Representative said that "Collaborating with Pizza E Birra at the Oktobeerfeast event is something we have been eagerly anticipating. This collaboration also serves as a moment to experience the excitement of an international-scale celebration firsthand. It is our hope that the attending visitors will enthusiastically enjoy this festival."

Not only that, Pizza E Birra also offers a special Oktobeerfeast menu that will surely delight your taste buds. The Oktobeerfeast special menu includes exclusive dishes such as Meister Platter, Sausage Swirl, Cheese-berger with Beer Batter Sauce, Chicken Schnitzel, and Apple Strudel. Moreover, there will be enticing beer promotions that will make this experience even more special.

Don't miss out on the fun of Oktobeerfeast 2023! Join us on October 21, 2023, at 4:00 PM WIB, at Pizza E Birra Gandaria City. For more information and event updates, be sure to follow the official Instagram account @pizzaebirra and download the FOOMA app and follow the FOOMA Instagram account. Oktobeerfeast Pizza E Birra is sponsored by: Authenticity (Class Mild), Prost Beer, Jagermeister and RELX. 

Mark your calendar and get ready to celebrate with us at Oktobeerfeast Pizza E Birra!