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Appetizing Culinary Collaborations: Mr Fox and Bakmi Tiga Marga Present 'Timeless Tradition Reborn'

A special collaboration between two Jakarta culinary icons, Mr. Fox and Bakmi Tiga Marga, gave birth to a breakthrough that combines authentic and modern flavors with the theme " Timeless Tradition Reborn ". Bakmi Tiga Marga, which has long captivated customers with its delicious homemade noodles , and Mr. Fox, known for its innovative Modern Asian dishes, presents a range of mouth-watering collaboration menus:



  • Golden Dumplings (Dumpling Platter) - A variety of delicious Asian dumplings (gyoza, fried meatballs and chicken dumplings) that tempt your taste buds.

  • Shake Your Buta (Buta Noodles) - Noodles served with crispy pork belly , kailan vegetables and mushrooms.

  • Pig Mee Out (Crispy Pork Belly Noodles) - Soft rubber noodles topped with delicious pork.

  • Mee-I-Yum (Chicken Bakmi) - Noodles with tender chicken pieces and delicious spices.

  • Delicious Fried Dumplings


Wiem Kahyang Isha, Head Chef Mr. Fox Jakarta and Surabaya said, “We want to present something truly special for our customers. The ' Timeless Tradition Reborn' collaboration with Bakmi Tiga Marga is a harmonious combination of tradition and innovation, and we hope that every bite will take you to a new world of taste.”

Renewed Tradition ( Tradition Reimagined )

Bakmi Tiga Marga is known for its high quality noodles which have become a favorite among culinary fans. This restaurant is also known for its classic Chinese-style interior and decoration, reminiscent of a comfortable and familiar parent's home.

Mr Fox, on the other hand, has made a name for itself in Jakarta's culinary scene with its innovative Modern Asian dishes. This collaboration not only strengthens the brand image of both, but also gives birth to the attractive " Modern Asian " concept.

Don't miss the opportunity to taste the delicious ' Timeless Tradition Reborn' until November 30 2023 . Visit Mr. Fox at Energy Building, SCBD, now to experience an enthralling and unforgettable culinary experience.