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Prosperous Beginnings This Lunar New Year at The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

The Hermitage Jakarta

Indulge in Abundant Lunar New Year Feasts at 1928 Restaurant  

Embracing the Year of the Dragon, The  Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta, invites you to savour a  luxurious array of Lunar New Year delights and prosperity-themed Makan  Tengah at 1928 Restaurant, available on February 9th, 2024. From meticulously crafted Makan Tengah specialities to opulent Chinese delicacy hampers designed for both families and friends, anticipate a celebration that marks an auspicious beginning to the New Year.

Makan Tengah Special Menu  

1928 Restaurant’s Makan Tengah Menus continue the tradition of expertly crafted dishes. Executive Chef Ferdian Tobing and his team have curated a selection of Indochinese speciality dishes infused with auspicious symbolism. Guest can choose a suitable option, whether planning an intimate dinner for two or a gathering of four.  

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, 1928 Restaurant is offering a Lunar New  Year Makan Tengah Dinner priced at IDR 988.000++ for each set. 

Gift Family and Friends with Hampers 

Making its debut on this year’s Lunar New Year Hamper menu, 1928  Restaurant is meticulously assembling luxurious gift hampers filled with the premium ingredients for families and friends to savour together.  

The “Duck Hamper” showcases a Whole Roasted Peking Duck, a  renowned Chinese dish with a history spanning at least 400 years. Known for its crispy skin and tender meat, the duck is complemented by Yangzhou  Fried Rice, a popular Chinese-style wok-fried dish, featuring a blend of proteins, Chinese-style roast pork or lap cheong, scallions, fresh vegetables, and egg. Also included is Mapo Tofu, a beloved Sichuan dish made with tofu, spicy sauce, and minced meat. Concluding the feast is the  Thousand Layer Cake, symbolizing a sweet life and the anticipation of 

layers of fortune in the New Year. This duck hamper is priced at IDR  888.000++. 

Additionally, 1928 Restaurant presents a “Pork Hamper” highlighting rich,  tender, and savoury Grilled Pork Ribs. Guests can relish the favoured Indonesian Braised Pork Belly, boasting a delightful interplay of salty and sweet flavours with a hint of spice that complements the BBQ Pork Char Siu. The hamper also features the savoury, sweet, and smoky notes of Lap  Cheong and Pork Fried Rice. For dessert, indulge in the sweet and sour harmony of Mango Sago, alongside the authentic Thousand Layer Cake.  The “Pork Hamper” is available at IDR 988,000++.

Both hampers are available for pre-order from January 15, 2024. For further  details and reservations, please contact 021 3192 6999, chat via WhatsApp  at +62812 9991 1928, or visit the hotel’s dining website at

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