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The Best Jakarta City Guide. Discover the best and fun things to do in Jakarta, this is also your guide to find the best lists in town from food & drink, party, hotel, school, communities, expat life, and many more.

Top Educational Consultant Services for Studying Overseas in Jakarta

An educational consultant is a skilled professional who provides counselling to help stude

Upcoming Music Concerts and Festivals in Jakarta

Say hello again to music concerts and festivals.

Hot Deals in Jakarta: Great Discount, Stay, Shop, Eat, Drink & Wellness

Get all the new exciting deals, promotions, and offers on what are really happening in Jak

Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Jakarta

This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 14, and a great way to celebrate mom, grandma

Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Jakarta

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for the Fifth of May for Mexico’s 1862 victory over French forces i

Jakarta New Tables: May 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia's vibrant culinary capital, continues to tantalize taste buds with its

Recommended Animal Shelters around Jakarta

Adopting from shelters offers an ethical choice and grants animals a second chance while e

Recommended Pet-Friendly Parks and Spaces in Jakarta

Walking around with your furry friends in the outdoor setting offers many great benefits t


Best Sports Bars in Jakarta

It’s hard to argue that a sports bar, is where you can have the most fun.

The Best Billiard or Pool Table Halls in Jakarta

In the bustling metropolis of Jakarta, where the people are constantly on the move, someti

The Best Indoor Golf Simulators in Jakarta

When outdoor golfing isn't feasible, Jakarta offers fantastic indoor alternatives like gol