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Discover the best and fun things to do in Jakarta, this is also your guide to find the best lists in town from food & drink, party, hotel, school, communities, expat life, and many more.

Pool and Play: The Best Bars in Jakarta for Billiards

The number of bars and nightspots in Jakarta featuring pool tables is quite large, eat and drink and hangout with fri

The Best Easter 2023 Celebrations in Jakarta

Easter is just around the corner. Have you figured out how to celebrate it?

Best Ramadan and Eid Hampers from Restaurants and Dessert Shops in Jakarta

Eid is everybody’s favorite part of the year.

7 Best Dry Cleaning Services in Jakarta

Can’t seem to get a stubborn stain out of your beautiful, expensive dress safely?  Simply

Top Pet and Pet-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Jakarta

Jakarta has a growing number of pet-friendly cafes, catering to the increasing number of pet owners in the city.

Best Ramadan Iftar Buffet in Jakarta

It’s that time of the year for the ‘buka bersama’ gatherings after work, with colleagues,

Best Restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife in Kemang

Kemang is a vibrant district in Jakarta that has long been a favorite among expats and loc

Best Ramadan & Eid-Al-Fitr Hampers 2023 in Jakarta

Celebrate the holy yet festive Ramadan & Eid-al-Fitr by giving your relatives or partn

Top Things to Do in Jakarta for a Short Visit

If you only have a short visit to Jakarta, the bustling capital city of Indonesia, offers

7 Best Ramen Restaurants in Jakarta

With the monsoon season upon us, it is high time that we look for heart-warming cuisine th

Curated List of Halal Restaurants to Try in Jakarta

Jakarta is a food lover’s paradise, and the city has a wealth of great halal restaurants to choose from.