6 Best Pest Control Services in Jakarta

Residing in a tropical and humid country like Indonesia has its disadvantages, one of them being the variety of household

15 Useful Apps for Expat in Jakarta

Begin your hassle-free lifestyle in Jakarta by using these 9 amazing apps. From dining, health, exercise, to entertainment, we list

5 Best Dry-Cleaning Services in Jakarta

Below are five of Jakarta’s best dry cleaning services that can help you clean your outfits professionally and safely.

7 Best Tattoo Parlors in Jakarta

Tattoos are a form of art and self-expression symbolizing many things including freedom, creativity, independence, commitment, and even rebellion. These

Best International Medical Clinics in Jakarta

The approach to the provision of medical care to both the population and the individual is quite different in Indonesia to what you may be used to. Here is the list of the recommended medical specialist in Jakarta.

5 Best Driving Schools in Jakarta

Now that you are 17 years old, it’s about time to get behind the wheel. Below are some of the best

Bag and Shoe Spas in Jakarta

Bags and shoes are some of the most important accessories to one’s style. However, most of these expensive, unique and
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