Best International Medical Clinics in Jakarta

The approach to the provision of medical care to both the population and the individual is quite different in Indonesia to what you may be used to. Here is the list of the recommended medical specialist in Jakarta.

10 Best Nail Salons & Spas in Jakarta

A healthy and beautiful nails is a must for a perfect look. For the best nail treatments in Jakarta, we

Useful Apps for Expat in Jakarta (UPDATED)

Begin your hassle-free lifestyle in Jakarta by using these amazing apps. From dining, health, exercise, to entertainment, and the latest

Best Home Cleaning Services in Jakarta

For your hassle-free cleaning service, Jakarta offers some of the best cleaning services you can order online for your home,

15 Best Barbershops in Jakarta

The best barbershops in Jakarta? Here are the best ones that offer more than just haircuts. These places also provide a

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