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Tourism Western Australia Officially Launches a Complete Muslim Travel Guide Book

Tourism Western Australia Officially Launches a Complete Muslim Travel Guide Book

Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA) officialy announces the launch of a new "Panduan Wisata Muslim" (Muslim Travel Guide) specifically designed for travellers from Indonesia, making it even easier to experience a seamless exploration of this stunning state. Aiming to provide a comfortable and safe travel experience, this guidebook offers complete and up-to-date information to assist Indonesian tourists in optimizing their travel experience, enjoying the natural wonders and rich cultural heritage of Western Australia, while continuing to meet their various religious needs.

Tourism Western Australia Officially Launches a Complete Muslim Travel Guide Book

Western Australia, Australia's largest state, has a variety of unique tourism experiences consisting of natural and cultural heritage. From UNESCO World Heritage-listed destinations such as the fringing coral reefs of Ningaloo, to expanding your horizons by getting to know one of the world's oldest cultures, Western Australia promises every tourist an imaginative world of adventure. The newly launched Panduan Wisata Muslim serves as a valuable information guide as it includes complete and up-to-date information on natural and cultural attractions, road trips, day trips, as well as a complete list of Halal eating places and special prayer spaces for Muslims that can be easily accessed throughout the country part.

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Melissa Forbes, Executive Director, Tourism Western Australia, is truly excited that this Panduan Wisata Muslim has been officially launched, "With the Eid al-Fitr holiday season approaching, the momentum of launching Panduan Wisata Muslim is timely for Indonesian tourists. This book offers information complete and up-to-date, making it easier to plan trips to Western Australia, guaranteeing an enchanting experience for all visitors. Western Australian tourism also continues to encourage the spirit of inclusivity and accessibility as part of world-class tourist attractions, therefore, I invite tourists from all over Indonesia to starting to plan my next holiday to Western Australia.”

Then, Febrian, content creator and influencer, added the importance of having clear travel and tourist guides for tourists and Muslim families who want to travel. "Panduan Wisata Muslim serves as a comprehensive source of information available to Indonesian tourists when visiting Western Australia. This book is a manifestation of Western Australia's commitment to reach out and embrace the spirit of inclusivity and improve the overall travel and tourism experience.”

Tourism Western Australia Officially Launches a Complete Muslim Travel Guide Book

When Indonesian tourists are preparing their itinerary in Western Australia, this guidebook plays a role in providing important travel tips, including information about halal food options, worship facilities and accessible mosques in main cities such as Perth, Fremantle and Broome. Apart from that, this guide also provides important information regarding the latest guidelines for international arrivals, the natural seasonal calendar, various free attractions and activities in Perth, and smart tips for driving in Western Australia. Really useful for Indonesian people who want to travel to Western Australia.

Embarking on a road trip-style tourism adventure in Western Australia will give tourists the opportunity to soak up the beauty of the spectacular landscape and diverse and valuable culture. From Perth's city center to the stunning Coral Coast, tourists will be immersed in the beauty of Western Australia while enjoying the comfort of Muslim-friendly facilities and services.

For tourists who are looking for a relaxing or even adventurous road trip holiday atmosphere, Western Australia welcomes tourists with open arms. Whether enjoying fresh seafood at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbor or exploring the beautiful natural routes of the South West, this state offers many special moments to create an unforgettable experience.

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