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Newborn gifts don't have to be expensive! Here are 4 Recommendations for Newborn Gifts

Mommy n' Me 2024

The birth of the Little One is indeed a gift that brings happiness to everyone. As friends, relatives, or closest family, we want to give the best gift to welcome the bundle of joy. We want to make sure to give the parents and the baby something useful and memorable. Don't worry! Our tips below will get you covered:

1. Don't hesitate to ask!

Before buying a gift, we should figure out what the parents and the child need. Don't hesitate to stalk their social media to find clues or ask the person directly what they need. Even though the latter will eliminate the surprise effect, it is guaranteed that the gift from Moms will be useful for them!

2. Gear up new parents with high-tech gadgets

We all know that taking care of a newborn is not an easy thing! Therefore, pick gifts that are practical and able to lighten the load of new parents. For instance, we all know breastfeeding requires commitment and energy. The right breast pumps will help the Moms and Dads feed the baby. There are tons of great and affordable electric breast pumps on the market. Other types of equipment that you can consider are a bottle sterilizer, baby cam, milk warmer, electric baby nail file, or even an automatic swing chair!

3. Seek the best quality

We all want the best for our baby. Seek a gift with the best quality to support the comfort and safety of newborn babies. But, don't break the bank! There are tons of alternatives that fit your budget plus provide top-notch quality.

Special Gift Ideas for Newborns

1. Toiletries: Bath sets, water toys, towels with cute pictures, etc.

2. Bedding: Pillows, bolsters, blankets, or a soft and comfortable baby mattress.

3. Baby Skincare: A complete package of baby skin care consisting of lotion, diaper rash cream, and more. Make sure the products are specifically for newborns!

4. Baby Clothes: Choose clothes with adorable models and made of soft materials. Don't forget to buy a few sizes bigger so Moms can use them longer.

5. Feeding utensils: Baby-specific plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and water bottles. Make sure the utensils are BPA-free! Moms can also give a high chair, food strainer, food container, or baby food processor to help new parents prepare solid foods.

Moms can choose the right and memorable gift for parents and their babies. Come gift-hunting at Mommy n' Me 2024, the best mom and baby event in Indonesia that will be held on June 28-30, 2024 at the Jakarta Convention Center. There are more than 300 well-known brands that provide the best quality mother and child needs. Not to mention there are countless discounts and promos from the best brands!

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