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IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 16-20 November 2022 at ICE BSD-City



The national economic growth rate in the range of 5% during the transition to the post-Covid-19 era has now prompted an increase and a change in the trend of building and interior material needs. Many developers and consumers are in need of building and interior material products with features and quality in accordance with healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle trends. Features such as ease of installation, climate change resistance and energy efficiency are now the main considerations in determining product selection for building construction and renovation needs. The complete solution to this need is on offer at the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 2022, November 16-20 2022 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD-City Tangerang.

Only at the exhibition visitors can get the solution to the needs of various products at more affordable prices because many exhibitors provide special discounts. As IndoBuildTech timing is  approaching the end of 2022, it  is the right momentum for the all communities to run their building construction and renovation projects pursuant to the post-pandemic trend that prioritizes new building materials and interiors with features that are healthier, environmentally friendly, resistant to weather changes and affordable prices.

The 21st IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 2022,  that is organized by PT Debindo-ITE with the support of 41 supporting partners from Government Ministries and Institutions and Associations related to the construction and architecture sector, is also running more than 80 business forum activities, panel discussions, certification of construction experts, national seminars , provincial deliberations by architects and interior designers to product launches and demos that run parallel to the 5-day exhibition.

The Solution Offered by Global Brands

World-class leading brands from a variety of building construction component and interior products at the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 2022 are presenting their latest innovative product variants and features based on research results, designed  to be the solution to the needs of construction projects and building renovations.

Local and overseas exhibitors are presenting their latest flagship products from 500 leading brands representing various product sectors. For the Building Materials & Construction sector, there are top brands such as Tostem, Karangpilang, Tegola, Shunda, Forte, Roxy Glass, Winalum and Sunrise Steel. In the heating, cooling and solar technology sector, there are well-known brands such as Metric Kitchen, Modena, and Fiorentino and Inti Solar. In the Building Interior & Finishes sector, the big brands include Mowilex, Propan, Taco, Dekkson, Kenari Djaja, SES, Fortress, Idemu by Vivere, and Indovickers. Likewise, the Ceramic and Marble category offer brands such as Sandimas, Hellenos, Titanium. Toto, Kohler, and Rocca. Furthermore, in the Intelligent Building & Digital Architecture product category, there are top brands such as Beko and Sumber Setia Abadi. There are many other brands that come with a choice of the latest variants and types.

Support and Cooperation with LPJK - Ministry of Public Work

Dyniah Martak as the event organizer said that in line with the main theme "Reinforcing the Bond of Nation" a series of activities would be held in collaboration with the Construction Services Development Agency (LPJK) - Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) which are running every day for 5 days of the exhibition. These activities include:

• PKB Development Program & Construction Supply Chain Seminar

• Building Prefabricated System Management Seminar

• PKB Program Seminar & Equalization of Foreign Construction Workers (TKKA)

• Seminar on Construction Safety, Building Failure and Expert Appraisal

Each seminar presents highly competent resource persons, representing the perspectives of policy regulation, technical experts and business management. In addition to sharing updated information and the latest insights, some of the seminars also shared e-certificates for active participants.

“Of course we also cooperate with various associations related to construction, interior design and architecture to run many categories of Business Programs. Some of them have also won direct support and participation from LPJK. There are many more Business Programs agendas, all of which can be followed only at IndoBuildTech,” explained Dyniah Martak.

Competency Development Breakthrough by IAI Banten

As an integral part of the construction and architecture of the Banten region, the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) – Banten Province gives the highest priority to developing human resource competencies through various breakthrough steps, including 4 important activities at the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 2022. Parallel to the activities In the exhibition, IAI Banten is running Banten Architects Conference, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Seminar, PKE (Code of Ethics Upgrading) & PKA (Architect Professional Development) from 16 to 19 November 2022. Especially on 20 November 2022 IAI Banten gave appreciation to outstanding architects in the Banten Architecture Awarding event for the winners of the South Tangerang Maruga Roundabout Design Competition. 


More than two years of the global pandemic have encouraged business players and the construction component, building material and interior industry players to continue to adapt and innovate as breakthroughs in systems and technology to produce and market a variety of products that meet customer needs and expectations. PT Debindo-ITE is inspired to give appreciation for the achievements of the hard work and smart work of these business people through the new IndoBuildTech Awards agenda.

"IndoBuildTech Awards 2022" will be held on Saturday Night, November 19, 2022 as a form of appreciation by PT Debindo-ITE as the organizer to exhibitors, architectural bureaus and IndoBuildTech business partners. The IndoBuildTech Awards are also expected to be an event to strengthen networking between participants, which of course can have a positive impact on the progress of industrial development related to building materials, interiors, property and Indonesian construction in the future.

Also running in parallel to the exhibition are “National Architecture Installation Festival” (NAIFEST), “IndoBuildTech Creative Architecture Student Exhibition” (INCASE) and IndoBuildTech Concept Exhibition (INCEPTION). Such activity raises the interconnection of the world of architecture with the progress of the construction sector, which is displayed in 3-dimensional visuals. NAIFEST offers new experiences and insights in enjoying, exploring and exploring the innovative creativity of superior masterpieces from Indonesia's leading architectural firms. In addition to enjoying the beauty of 3-dimensional architectural artworks, visitors will get inspiration and information regarding future architectural trends.

IndoBuildTech also presents creative works of architecture among architecture students titled INCASE, where a number of works of architecture students from various universities appeared attractive, born of various big ideas and passionate ambitions of outstanding architect candidates. Not only that, the works of senior architects and interior designers are also exhibited at INCEPTION in the form of work display panels.

The IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 2022 is supported by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Trade, the Construction Services Development Agency, professional and business association partners such as the Indonesian Institute of Architects Banten (IAI Banten), the Association of Precast and Pre-stressed Companies of Indonesia (AP3I), Indonesian Quantity Surveyors Association (IQSI), National ICT Entrepreneurs Association (APTIKNAS), Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), Indonesian Landscape Architects Association (IALI), The Nationl ssociation of Professional Consultants of Indonesia  (INTAKINDO), Ministry of Industry, Indonesian Society of Interior Designers Banten (HDII Banten), Citiasia Inc,  and Indonesian Engineers Association (IKEI).