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Educational Trip/Community Service trip


"I never get tired of studying, like the sun that never gets tired of shining."

Mount Bromo is located in four districts, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. The name Mount Bromo comes from the name of the main god in Hinduism, namely "Brahma" so that the Tenggerese believe it to be a sacred mountain.

Mount Bromo has a beautiful natural landscape with an orange tinge - a great nature that hundreds of visitors look forward to in a land above the clouds. Students flocked up the 250 steps to see firsthand the sulfur spewed from the crater of Mount Bromo - an experience that will always be engraved in the minds of Global Sevilla Puri Indah students: "I never get tired of studying, like the sun that never gets tired of shining." We admire Your greatness, Lord. Thank you Bromo.

Global Sevilla

Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut is located in Batu, Malang. It’s the first largest transportation museum in Asia. At the museum, which is managed by the Jatim Park group, students observed 450 collections of vehicles from across the ages. Students learn the history of the development of vehicles and public transportation from time to time. Students also learn to fly an airplane using a Boeing 737-200 simulator in the Runway 27 zone. Some students unwind by dancing in the Gangstar Town & Broadway Street zone. There was also a parade of classic vehicles in the zone, such as a Douglas motorcycle, a UK-707 Unicode Range Rover, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, and others.

Global Sevilla

Community Service

"To build the country, we don't know social strata, positions, but what is needed is intention, mutual cooperation, and real action"

From Jabung Village, Malang Regency, Global Sevilla students learned the beauty of sharing among others, by donating their books to foster reading literacy for their younger siblings there. Global Sevilla students work together with local residents to build reading huts and bookshelves. Some students are enthusiastic about adding life skills that they never had before, such as sawing wood, nailing, and painting fences/walls. In addition, they learn about local traditions/cultures, such as learning the Jabung Mask dance, making and coloring Jabung masks, and building reading huts, and even learning to make traditional pletokan toys. Global Sevilla students share their experiences and knowledge by teaching Elementary School students various subjects, such as English, Mathematics, PE, and Mindfulness.

Global Sevilla

UMKM dan Perkebunan Apel

Global Sevilla Puri Indah students learn how to cultivate apples, the signature fruit of Malang. Exploring apple plantations accompanied by rain and seeing the process of grafting apples to produce various types of Malang apples. Students also get to know apple processing and how to develop creative industries from processed apples, such as apple strudel, apple chips, apple cake, apple pie, apple pie.