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Debunking Digital Marketing Myths at Marketeers Tech For Business 2024

Marketeers Tech for Business 2024

Are you one of the many frustrated individuals whose long-running, high-budget digital marketing campaigns have yielded no results? Have you spent a significant portion of your company's budget hiring celebrities as influencers, only to see no return on investment? Is your marketing campaign making no impact at all?

Research has shown that the biggest factors behind the failure of digital marketing are a lack of a clear marketing strategy and goals. Digital marketing often fails because it is frequently separated from the overall business strategy.

Many brands and companies are caught up in myths and misconceptions about digital marketing.

Marketeers Tech for Business 2024 returns for its third edition to address these issues. Focusing on the theme of Digital Marketing Mythbusting, this grand seminar will debunk several myths and correct misconceptions about digital marketing on June 4, 2024, at CGV Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

The event features selected speakers who will act as mythbusters. These speakers come from various industries that have successfully implemented impactful digital marketing strategies.

Speakers include Mars Ega Legowo Putra, Director of Regional Marketing at Pertamina Patra Niaga; Iwan Setiawan, CEO of MarkPlus, Inc. & Marketeers; Joel Hartanto Kereh, Founder & CEO of Fazpass (Astranauts & Astra InnovLab Alumni); Kukuh Prayogi, Enterprise Sales Director at Infobip; Tri Suranto, Technology & Development Lead at Shares Services Pertamina; Aditya Sofyan, Strategic Director at dentsu Indonesia; Puspita Winawati, Marketing Director at Pocari Sweat; Dara Prayoga, Head of Digital Creative at Astra Digital; Irfansyah Putra, Head of Country Marketing at IKEA Indonesia, and many more.

Debunking Nine Myths

What digital marketing myths will be debunked? 

First, the myth that bigger influencers automatically provide a bigger impact. The reality is different. Having an influencer with a large following does not necessarily benefit the brand significantly.

Second, traffic is not the only priority. While traffic is important, it is not the sole determinant of digital marketing success. Other elements like impressions, engagement, customer relationship management (CRM), and conversion to sales also play crucial roles.

Third, digital marketing is not the same as selling activities on online channels. Selling is only one of many elements of digital marketing. Fourth, online does not kill offline. Many believe that online trends will eliminate offline presence.

Fifth, the bottom funnel is not the most important stage. In reality, to reach the purchase decision stage, customers must go through the entire customer journey.

Sixth, digital marketing is not only for tech companies. In fact, all industries need digital marketing. Seventh, digital marketing is not just trial and error. Many brands still consider digital marketing as an experimental project.

Eighth, Gen Z is not the same as Millennials in the digital world. Both generations have different characteristics and preferences. Ninth, content marketing is not the same as digital advertising. These are two distinct concepts.

The speakers will debunk these myths and provide strategies on how to execute digital marketing effectively and impactfully. Want to learn and correct misconceptions about digital marketing? Get your ticket at .