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Ann's Custom Creations, a New Way to Celebrate Special moments with Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery

Ann's Custom Creations series is intended for all people who want to celebrate their special moments by pouring personal expression and creativity through cakes.

Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery is a premium cake shop in South Jakarta that provides orders for cakes, pastries, and premium breads and catering with a direct business model to customers and corporations equipped with professional internal courier services. In addition, Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery also provides consulting services for the best cake choices with a variety of flavor choices in the Ann’s Custom Creations series in the campaign titled #SayItwithCakes. This campaign is intended for all people who want to celebrate their special moments by pouring personal expression and creativity through cakes.

Anns Bakery
Lettering Cake & Custom Buttercream

Ann’s Custom Creations series consists of DIY CakeLettering Cake, and other Custom Creations are also available, namely: Custom Buttercream Portrait, Custom Buttercream Character, Full Custom Buttercream, 3D fondant, Wedding Cake, Edible Photo Cake, and also Custom Cupcake. Imagine, we can express our feelings through writing, colors, and cake designs so that we can define ourselves so that every moment we celebrate becomes more special and personal.

Anns Bakery
Full Custom Buttercream

The Ann’s Custom Creations series presents something new and different in DIY Cake products, a package containing a plain fondant-covered cake and a colorful piping bag. This creation can be a new option to give a more personal cake because it was decorated by ourselves. In addition, DIY Cake can be an exciting and fun activity to do alone, with friends, or even as a corporate activity.

Anns Bakery
Custom Cupcakes

Next is Lettering Cake, a cake that we can use as a medium for delivering messages through writing on it. This cake is available from 10cm to 40x60cm in circumference with a choice of various and premium cake flavors, such as Coco Cake, Vanilla Cereal & Wonderlanns flavors.

Anns Bakery
Lettering Cake

“We offer new options for expressing feelings and creativity that are more personal. We give this option to our customers to express their loved ones through cakes. With this variety of choices, it is hoped that we can have a different experience in celebrating every special moment through the delicious Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery cake. We believe that this is how we can take part and play a big role in helping bring happiness to others,” said Maharani Agustine Siregar, Brand Manager of Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery.

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