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WHITE LIES Spring/Summer 2024 by Harry Halim

In the wake of the haunting melancholy of last season's fall, amidst the lingering echoes of heartache, a poignant invitation unfolds—to seek solace within the gentle embrace of benevolent lies.

Enveloped in this cocoon of the comforting untruths, dreams transcend the ordinary threads, breathing life into an enchanting masterpiece, and giving birth to Harry Halim’s Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear couture collection, “White Lies”—a tapestry adorned with intricate silhouettes that breezes through a poetic odyssey; a symphony of unspoken revelations. Truth and fiction dance in a mesmerising waltz, guided by the delicate art of illusions. These whispered veils, judged by the world as flawed, emerge as radiant beacons of empathy, softening reality's harsh edges into an exquisite canvas of compassionate artistry.

The voyage commences with a majestic proclamation of deepest black, an echoing anthem heralding the very essence of the maison’s identity. A crescendo of shocking palettes erupts, a kaleidoscope of bold audacity, before gracefully returning to the realm of black, a theatrical tribute to the spirit of rebellious youth.

At its core, the delicate alchemy of subtle untruths unfolds into an enchanting pièce de résistance, a symphony of ethereal soft architecture. Here, flowing structures and intricate details in genderless silhouettes orchestrate a narrative that traverses the spectrum from innocence to wisdom, gracefully painting with the myriad shades of white—a symbol of purity entwined with the enigma of deception.

As the boundary between truths and the gentle lies dissolves, and the absolute line that separate femininity and masculinity is blurred, a new opus emerges with an ineffable grace, marking a momentous genesis—an exquisite inception.