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Jägermeister Indonesia Collaborates with ARDNEKS for “DAS HIRSCH ELIXIER”

Jägermeister Indonesia proudly announces an innovative collaboration with renowned artist ARDNEKS, unveiling the exciting project "DAS HIRSCH ELIXIER." This collaboration introduces a unique range of items, including a t-shirt, tote bag, sticker pack, bandana, and a specially crafted bottle with a custom label and box.

Kendra Ahimsa, better known as ARDNEKS, is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Jakarta, Indonesia, active in the art and design scene since 2013. ARDNEKS is celebrated for his ability to create visually stunning and conceptually rich pieces, characterized by a vibrant and eclectic style that incorporates bold colors, surreal imagery, and pop culture references.

The design ethos of "DAS HIRSCH ELIXIER" seamlessly integrates Jägermeister's brand philosophy with ARDNEKS' psychedelic-inspired style, presenting a visually stunning and harmonious blend. ARDNEKS describes his creative process as spontaneous and organic, with ideas emerging at the most unexpected times and places. He emphasizes that with a little music and a unique mindset, an authentic piece of art is born. This collaboration aligns perfectly with Jägermeister's "Be the Meister" campaign, which values boldness, authenticity, and intrinsic uniqueness.

"Through this collaboration titled 'DAS HIRSCH ELIXIER,' which translates to 'The Stag Elixir,' I reimagined the creation and origins of Jägermeister liqueur itself. I envisioned centuries-old German alchemy combined with sorcery, overseen by the great Stag spirit deep in the middle of Wolfenbüttel’s Ith-hils-weg forest. It was quite a challenge to not use my signature color palette since Jägermeister has very distinct branding and colors. Using only their colors turned out to be an interesting and fun exploration," said Kendra.

Jägermeister Brand Manager for Indonesia, Fariandi Soerja Djanegara, mentioned, "This collaboration is part of a global campaign called Best Nights. The campaign aims to bring every market together to create innovations that leave a lasting impression with Jägermeister. By partnering with people from the F&B industry, arts, music, nightlife communities, and everyone significantly impacted by the pandemic from 2020 to 2022, the collaboration hopes to create a 'Best Night of Your Life' experience for others.”

The launch party is set to take place during the ‘MEISTEROOM with ARDNEKS’ event at Space 9 on May 30th, 2024, featuring a mesmerizing performance by Crayola Eyes, with ARDNEKS as the guitarist. Along with the launch of collaboration merchandise available for purchase, the MEISTEROOM will host a four-day exhibition until June 2nd, 2024. The exhibition will showcase immersive art installations, aiming to reach a new market and expand the exposure of both Jägermeister and ARDNEKS to a broader audience.

As part of this collaboration, a special bundle offer of the Jägermeister x ARDNEKS unique bottle and merchandise will be available for purchase through