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Ekatā' - Unity in Cultural Diversity Presented by BURGO Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024

The journey of Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia for over 12 years in nurturing young talents in the fashion industry has captured the attention of the public. Several BURGO alumni have successfully introduced their works both domestically and internationally.

One of them is Jenny Yohana Kansil, a senior designer and founder of Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia (IMB Indonesia), who showcased her fashion show at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week (PIFW) 2024 through JYK Label, presenting the work "Dalihan Na Tolu" inspired by the uniqueness of Ulos, a traditional Batak textile from North Sumatra. This work was recently showcased by Jenny at Milan Fashion Week in February 2024. Previously, in 2022, Jenny also received 'The Genius of Gianni Versace Award' for her collection of Batik Durian from Lubuklinggau, South Sumatra.

The show titled Ekatā was initiated by Jenny Yohana Kansil after seeing the abundance of Indonesian cultural diversity that could thrive globally. Jenny and BURGO Indonesia are committed to continually honing the techniques and talents of BURGONIAN (term for BURGO students and graduates) to become proud Indonesian designers and to unify diverse ideas into a beautiful collection.

"At its age of over 12 years, BURGO Indonesia remains committed to training talented young designers who can compete not only nationally but also internationally. I and BURGO Indonesia want to contribute more to the advancement of the fashion industry in Indonesia, one of which is through 'Ekatā'. We want to unite the talent and cultural diversity of Indonesia as our pride for the homeland," expressed Jenny Yohana Kansil, Fashion Designer & Founder of Burgo Indonesia.

In addition to the collection from JYK Label, at PIFW 2024, BURGO Indonesia also presented works from HOWARD LAURENT, a label from BURGO Milan alumna, Howard Laurent. In PIFW 2024, Howard showcased the collection titled "Silverlicious," inspired by the "silver people" he encountered at the traffic light. Howard aims to make his collection a reminder that behind the displayed art of the "silver people" lies a struggle to survive. One uniqueness of this collection is that Howard uses fabrics made by HOWARD LAURENT from start to finish.

In addition to Howard Laurent's inspirational collection, BURGO Indonesia also featured Gisella Louis, a BURGO Indonesia alumna from 2023, with the collection "Acanthus" taken from the philosophy of the Acanthus flower as a symbol of beauty that can grow wild in coastal areas, riverbanks, and other muddy and brackish areas. In this collection, Gisella used crochet techniques inspired by her life story of trying to rise from falling and reweaving her identity. Through this collection, Gisella aims to show that the process of life is aimed at shaping our personalities for the better in the future.

The "Ekatā" show was concluded by 9 BURGO Indonesia graduate designers showcasing their diverse collections. They are: CANNETA, JEDIDIAH, Caylie, INDY, KESH, selrin, AIREN, VAL'ERIE, and JULIA ORLANDY. PIFW 2024 event is a momentum for BURGONIAN to showcase their abilities and prove their readiness to enter the global fashion world.

"BURGO Indonesia is here to advance the fashion industry in Indonesia by providing effective teaching methods involving instructors and experts in the field of fashion, both practitioners and academics, as well as exclusive and internationally standardized curricula and didactic materials.

This is the strength of BURGO Indonesia in producing new alumni every year who are ready to become the pride of Indonesia," added Jenny Yohana Kansil. Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia is here to advance the fashion industry in Indonesia aiming to prepare students to enter the fashion industry through extensive practical training and personalized teaching with the spirit of Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Skills, Creativity, Integrity, and Authenticity. Through the campaign "Indonesia Fashion Freedom," Jenny and BURGO Indonesia are committed to continuously producing talented young designers who can not only compete nationally but also internationally and become local heroes who can inspire other young designers.