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Solo Exhibition "Harmony" at ARTSPACE, Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites

Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites - Jakarta

Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites is proud to once again present a special art exhibition rich in new and inspiring colors entitled "Harmony" by Yogyakarta artist Ramrama. Apart from pampering, this exhibition is also aimed at broadening your knowledge of quality art. The event, which is centered at ARTSPACE, Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites, can be enjoyed from Friday, 17 May 2024 to 25 August 2024 with the theme of flora as the main object of the work.

Ramrama, known for her skill in creating unique and captivating compositions, emphasizes the concept of harmony in each of her works. "Harmony" is inspired by the Greek term "harmonia" which means balanced and appropriate attachment. This exhibition illustrates the principles of natural harmony through various forms of flora that intertwine and synergize, creating beautiful and meaningful compositions. Each painting in this exhibition displays flora in an abstract form, emphasizing the interconnection of various colors and shapes that form one whole.

Thie artist, who graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta, started her fine arts career in 2011 by practicing painting with the main concept of abstraction of plants or flora, with an expressionist style, using firm and strong brush strokes. Energetic, curved strokes are a symbol of strength and dynamism. For Rama, plants/flora have a life cycle that is no different from humans. They face various obstacles to be able to develop and survive in their environment. This artist, who has explored a lot in big cities in the archipelago such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung, to foreign countries such as Singapore, has held various exhibitions.

“Art is a universal language that can touch the soul and inspire the heart. At Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites, we celebrate the beauty of art in all its forms, making it the core of the experiences we offer. The beauty of art lies in its ability to communicate emotions and ideas without the limitations of words, so art has the power to change perceptions and broaden horizons.” said Djulkarnain, General Manager of Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites.

Ramrama's "Harmony" art exhibition is open to all art lovers. For further information and to purchase works of art, please contact Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites at (+6221) 5268833.

Mangkuluhur ARTOTEL Suites - Jakarta
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