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Shangri-La Jakarta Celebrates Global Wellness Day 2024 with Breathwork and Sound Healing Therapy

Shangri-La Jakarta

This morning, Shangri-La Jakarta commemorated Global Wellness Day  2024 with a series of invigorating activities, highlighting the significance of health and well being. Themed "One day can change your whole life," this year's event brought together  participants to immerse themselves in transformative wellness practices. 

Led by Mr. Aga Salim, a certified level 3 singing bowl therapist specializing in Quantum Trauma  & Emotional Healing, the celebration unfolded in the tranquil ambiance of Shangri-La Jakarta.  Attendees were greeted with a serene atmosphere, setting the stage for the highlight of the  day: Breathwork and Sound Healing Therapy sessions. These sessions provided a temporary  escape from the daily grind, allowing participants to find solace and rejuvenation through  mindful breathing and harmonious sounds. 

A diverse group of participants, including hotel guests, local community members, and  wellness enthusiasts, gathered to partake in the event. Their overwhelmingly positive  response underscored the growing awareness and appreciation for holistic wellness  practices. Attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such meaningful  activities, noting the immediate benefits they experienced. 

In addition to the main activities, the event featured informative talks on wellness practices,  healthy lifestyle tips, and the significance of mental health. Guests also savored a selection of  nutritious refreshments, further promoting the theme of holistic well-being. 

The success of this event was made possible through the generous support of What's New  Jakarta and Camani brand Indonesia's iconic scents. Their contributions were instrumental in  creating a memorable and impactful experience, emphasizing the collective effort to promote  a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Shangri-La Jakarta remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a culture of wellness and  mindfulness, extending beyond the hotel to enrich the wider community. This Global  Wellness Day celebration exemplifies the hotel's dedication to championing a holistic  approach to well-being.  

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