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Ready, Set, Spice: Sail into Indonesia’s Legendary Spice Trade with the Unveiling of Nautilus Bar's New Menu at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

All aboard for the big day! On February 21, 2024, Nautilus Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta will open the doors to a brand-new drinking experience, infusing the city’s cocktail scene with a vibrant seafaring flair.

Guests are invited to prepare their tastebuds for an aromatic voyage into Indonesia’s fabled Spice Trade era, under the skilful captaincy of Bar Manager Julian Brigget. Arriving from the acclaimed Bar Trigona at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, this mixology maestro is behind the introduction of Nautilus Bar’s new menu, leading guests on a spirited new adventure.


“We have switched gears to bring more focus to sourcing local spices and celebrating the nautical spirit of the Spice Trade era. Think all-time classics with a nostalgic twist, as well as signature cocktails that blend premium spirits with modern mixology techniques,” says Julian.

Introduction of the New Spice Trade Menu
From the 17th to the 19th centuries, Sunda Kelapa — the Old Port of Jakarta — was a hub of the global spice trade. Spices from the Thousand Islands travelled far and wide, lending their distinctive fragrance and flavour to culinary cultures around the world.

Taking inspiration from those legendary days, Nautilus Bar now shines the spotlight on homegrown spices with the menu, set to launch on February 21. Explore a collection of 16 all-new cocktails that showcase the richness of four Indonesian spices: Pepper, Pandan, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

Honey Me!

Sip a whole new side of Indonesia, as these captivating spices are elevated with innovative techniques, unexpected flavour pairings and acclaimed spirits. Both local residents and international travellers will find plenty to discover, with every glass unfolding a sensory voyage that bridges past and present.

Explore a selection of four original cocktails under each spice. For a lighter or alcohol-free drinking experience, guests can opt for low-ABV cocktails or mocktails on the menu.

  • Pepper
    Bold and earthy, pepper lends its fiery heat to each concoction. For whiskey lovers, the highlight is sure to be the Gatot, a richly multi-layered blend of Buffalo Trace Cacao Butter Whiskey, Black Pepper Rosso Vermouth, Cynar, Tio Pepe and Bitters.

  • Pandan
    Known as ‘the Asian vanilla’, these fragrant leaves infuse every drink with a sweet, grassy magic. Julian’s top recommendation? The P&J, a tantalizing combination of Jackfruit Espolon Tequila, Machentazo Espadin Mezcal, Lime & Lemon, Pandan Pistachio Orgeat and Coconut Milk.

  • Cinnamon
    Sultry and aromatic, this beloved spice is best known for its warmth. Celebrate the romance of cinnamon with the Jas-Namon, a beautifully balanced blend of Jasmine Flower Dipolmatico Planas Rum, Cinnamon Manchino Bianco Vermouth, Elderflower and Orange Bitters.

  • Nutmeg
    Brimming with mellow sweetness, nutmeg speaks of love and comfort. Worth a special mention is the Gin-Melon, an oh-so-refreshing concoction of Bobby’s Gin, Campari, Watermelon Soda, Acid Solution and Mace Syrup.


Along with cocktails, the new menu offers a line-up of Nautilus Classics, enlivened with spice-infused touches. The Old Fashioned glows with nutmeg’s subtle sweetness, while the Daiquiri boasts cinnamon warmth, and the French 75 ignites with a fiery kick from Andaliman pepper.

Guests can also explore on a variety of Negroni flights, sample fine wines by the glass, and sip their way through an impressive library of spirits from around the globe.

Complementing the beverage menu is an array of delectable bar bites, perfect for grazing. Sample flavourful snacks from Indonesia and beyond, ranging from Sate Lilit Bali and XO Beef Sliders to Gyukatsu Sando.


Designed for Nautical Nostalgia
Inspired by the Spice Trade of Indonesia, Nautilus Bar celebrates the nostalgia of seafaring traditions. Design plays a vital role in the revitalized drinking experience at this intimate bar. Nautical-inspired décor conjures the excitement of sea voyages, while curated artworks transport guests to the historical port of Sunda Kelapa. Welcome to a vibrant, storied setting for evenings filled with discovery, laughter and great conversation.

To reserve a table at Nautilus Bar, call +62 21 2277-1888 or contact the Hotel via FS Chat.

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