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Unleashing the Potential of Tomorrow's Leaders through SPH Lippo Village's 2023 Personal Project

The Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village grade 10 students arrived early on a busy day to finalize their projects. For this annual exhibition, each student displayed a uniquely decorated booth to showcase their individual themes and personal choices, greeting guests with a vibrant display of colorful and meaningful projects on boards and tables. This was a momentous occasion for the Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village community as they celebrated a major milestone in the students' final year of their IB Middle-years program. The Grade 10 Personal Project is an important aspect of the IB Middle-years program, allowing students to explore a topic of their choice and apply the skills, knowledge, and understanding they have gained throughout the program. The project culminates in a final product that demonstrates their learning and their ability to take responsibility for their education. This provides an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and independent learning.

SPH PP Exhibition

In recent years, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village held a virtual exhibition, attracting visitors from Indonesia and around the world. However, this year marked their return to in-person celebrations, providing guests with the opportunity to talk directly with the students about their projects, learning experiences, and challenges. The school highlighted 72 projects created by current grade 10 students, exploring a wide range of topics including health and medicine, entertainment, digital applications, writing, social media, technology, cooking, lifestyle, sports, and more. Over 250 audience members from the school community and neighboring schools came to visit the exhibition. Students were brimming with enthusiasm to answer questions from visitors and explain in detail about their fascinating projects.

Throughout the personal project process, students develop and use various skills, including communication, collaboration, self-management, thinking, and research. They are free to select the skills they want to develop and apply to achieve their learning goals, documenting their process and gathering evidence along the way.

SPH PP Exhibition

There are quite a number of notable projects from this year's Personal Project Exhibition. One of them was created by Marcell, who built a robot using machine learning to track humans and distribute tennis balls. Marcell’s learning goal was to effectively combine machine learning and engineering for practical use in tennis. Another notable project was created by Jason, who explored dog adoption in Indonesia. He created and published an informational website to promote dog adoption and provide shelter dogs with equal opportunities to live in loving homes.

SPH PP Exhibition

As a leading International Christian School in Indonesia, SPH Lippo Village's goal is to help students see Christ in the truth of being created in His image, enabling them to think, reason, be creative, and develop skills for life. Through this Personal Project Exhibition, students learn to build a servant's heart to serve others through their projects and see the impact and meaning of their learning on the community and world. They strive to improve and become individuals of influence for good by effectively communicating and confidently expressing themselves.