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OSIS 2022-2023 - Election and Inauguration

Written by: Hillary and Kerryn

2022-2023. A new year comes with new beginnings, which means a new set of people leading Global Sevilla Pulo Mas OSIS. But two people must be chosen to lead and guide OSIS as a whole. How do we pick these leaders? That’s where the OSIS election comes in.

Two teams took part in the election. Team SOSIS - Super OSIS consists of Rafi (JC1A) and Adiba (11 National) alongside the Better Better Team with Raoul (JC1B) and Dennis (JC1B). 

“We already experienced so much in OSIS and wished to contribute directly. Most importantly, we wanted to lead our friends.” One of the candidates, Adiba, said.

 At the beginning of August, both teams went to different grades at school to introduce themselves to the students. On Friday, August 26, 2022, an offline debate was conducted between Team SOSIS and the Better Better Team. Students from grades 7 to 12 gathered in the auditorium to hear the debate. The moderator, Mikaila (JC2), welcomed the two teams onto the stage. Entering the stage, team SOSIS wore a traditional Indonesian outfit and the Better Better Team wore matching red flannel pants. 

“We are both more confident when we are together than when we are apart,” Raoul mentioned, as these outfits intend to resemble the personality of his team. 

 With that, the moderator mentioned that the debate comprises two parts. The first was general questions where the audience learned more about the candidates in each team. Their mission and vision alongside the problems the school is currently facing with its possible solutions. The second is questions from the audience and amongst each other. These questions challenged their skills and further showed what the teams have to offer as future leaders. The two people on the team took alternating turns in answering questions. Having only 1-2 minutes to prepare a suitable answer, both teams gave satisfactory replies and loud applause was heard after each response. The debate ended on a good note, with both teams congratulating themselves for their hard work.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But it was fun.” Raoul said about  the debate

Monday, August 29, 2022, was the day when students made their decision on which team will be Global Sevilla’s President and Vice President of the year. Votes were done via a form and the results were to be announced. The next day, the elections came to a close. Raoul and Dennis - the Better Better team won the election, with only a small margin of votes between the two teams. 

“I never put importance on who wins the results, because, in the end, we will all work together anyway,” Adiba commented on the election results.

Four days after LDKS (Leadership Camp/Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa), an offline inauguration was held in the Amphitheater to formally introduce the new cabinet of members to the school. Students awaited excitedly to see their proudly appointed friends march to the grassy center of the Amphitheater from the Gym, dressed in white blouses and shirts paired with black pants. Like every other event, the national anthem, school prayer, and school song were sung. Mr. Ali, one of the two supervisors guiding OSIS, gave his supportive remarks and wishes in a heartfelt speech followed by Raoul and Mr. Tesar, Vice Principal of Student Affairs, leading the Student Council Oath. Members were asked to raise their right hands, vowing to adhere and abide by the school values, code of conduct, and Student Council by-laws, and to further the objective of OSIS. 

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