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BAKU Opens and Offers a Richness of Asian Culinary Delights with Chef Wiem


BAKU, a lifestyle restaurant concept, offers a new culinary destination for enjoying Asian cuisine. Led by Chef Wiem, BAKU presents authentic Asian dishes in a modern and unforgettable way. Located in the bustling SCBD area, it is the perfect spot for professionals and food enthusiasts alike.

BAKU Opens and Offers a Richness of Asian Culinary Delights with Chef Wiem

BAKU combines the richness of Asian culinary traditions in each dish, drawing inspiration from the famous street food found throughout Asia. Street food, an integral part of daily life in many Asian countries, brings people together to savor delicious dishes and distinctive flavours. At BAKU, these rich flavours are not only showcased but also capture the essence of Asia's culinary heritage, inviting customers to experience nostalgia and rediscover the familiar flavors they love.

Exclusive Media Tasting BAKU

Chef Wiem selects the finest ingredients and executes each dish with precision. "At BAKU, our kitchen is a 'playground' for creativity and collaboration, mirroring the richness of Asian culture. To present our dishes, we have traveled across several Asian countries, exploring street food and perfecting these recipes to serve with a modern touch. With the combined expertise and passion of my team and me, these dishes offer a harmonious and warm taste," said Chef Wiem.

Food Plating - Thai Tuna Crudo

Chef Wiem presents delicious dishes with his signature touch of coriander aroma. This distinctive scent not only adds depth of flavour to each dish but also enhances the overall dining experience for customers. By carefully combining coriander with various selected ingredients, Chef Wiem creates a harmonious blend of mouth-watering flavours, making every visit to BAKU unforgettable.

BAKU offers a variety of delicious dishes that not only delight the taste buds but also invite guests to experience a diverse range of authentic Asian flavours. Among the highlights is the Wagyu Beef Pho Noodles, a classic Asian dish elevated with modern flavours and Chef Wiem's signature touch. This dish features thinly sliced wagyu brisket, ox tongue, and a blend of Asian spices, creating a taste that truly pampers the palate.

Signature Dish - Glass Noodles King Prawn

With memorable flavors and a warm atmosphere, BAKU invites customers to experience the deliciousness and warmth of Asian culinary delights on every visit. Visit BAKU today and experience an unforgettable culinary experience with every bite. BAKU is located in the SCBD area, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53 No. Lot 22 - Electronic City Building. For further information, visit BAKU's Instagram page