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Grand Hyatt Jakarta is delighted to announce Hiroyuki Ito as the newly appointed Japanese Chef.

Ito has been leading esteemed Japanese restaurants for more than 25 years at various establishments around Asia. While he began his culinary journey in Tokyo in 1998, the calm and skillful chef has had stints in South Korea, Macau, and China. Among many prestigious restaurants under his  helm is Kaetsu at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong where Ito spent seven years  serving kaiseki and authentic Japanese dishes.

Growing up in Fukushima Prefecture, the chef highlights traditional Japanese cuisine as the basis of his culinary philosophy. "I also believe that modern cooking is a combination of the past and present," he emphasises. Ito's arrival as Grand Hyatt Jakarta's Japanese Head Chef marks a new chapter in Sumire's history, especially with the introduction of traditional kaiseki experience. His expertise and passion for Japanese delicacies elevates the authentic gastronomy at the fine dining destination.

Set in a warm Japanese country-style house ambiance, Sumire offers premium-grade sushi and sashimi, seasonal specialties and Japanese favorites with freshly flown ingredient from Japan. A selection of sake is also available, along with specialised areas for teppanyaki, tempura, kushiage, sushi, and sashimi.

For more information, please contact Grand Hyatt Jakarta at +62 21 2992 1298 or visit @grandhyattjakarta on Instagram.