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7 Best Dry Cleaning Services in Jakarta

Can’t seem to get a stubborn stain out of your beautiful, expensive dress safely?  Simply can’t afford to ruin that suit with a hand-wash at home? Worried about destroying a particularly awesome outfit in that washing machine? Well, you’re not alone. Some outfits just don’t cut it being washed using the ordinary methods, especially since water can damage certain fabrics while washing machines can wreak havoc on an outfit’s delicate ornaments. 

So, use the Dry Cleaning service. It’s a process of washing clothes using a variety of chemical solvents that are safe for your fabrics but without the use of water or washing machines. Below are seven of Jakarta’s best dry cleaning services that can help you clean your outfits professionally and safely:

1. 5asec


5asec is an incredibly successful dry cleaning brand from France that is currently operating in 30 countries worldwide, including Indonesia. With over 15 branches in Jakarta itself, 5asec, which calls themselves “textile experts”, offers professional dry cleaning services at an affordable price with a short delivery time. On top of proactively using eco-friendly technologies and high-grade cleaning methods, 5asec has established a branch that offers 24 hours dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing services at Radio Dalam.

Where to find 5asec:
Pondok Indah
Podomoro City
Muara Karang
Kelapa Gading
Puri Kencana
Kebon Jeruk
Permata Hijau
Wolter Monginsidi
KH Mas Mansyur
Radio Dalam
Merdeka Barat
Cikini Raya
Kemang Raya
Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta
Gatot Subroto

For complete address, please search on
IG: 5asecindonesia

2. Filoli


Filoli is a dry cleaning service that puts a fun and creative spin on their work. Filoli, which stands for Fidelity, Love, and Life, aims to be part of your daily routine by providing affordable, quick and quality dry cleaning services for all kinds of outfits, from simple t-shirts to couture dresses. Filoli also has a special dry cleaning service that uses toxic chemical-free solutions on infant’s outfits and items made of fabrics that babies are often exposed to such as blankets, bedsheets, stuffed toys, and strollers, to name a few. Filoli also offers delivery and pick up services for your wash load.

Jl Pegambiran No. 31, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur
P: (+62 21) 471 4979
IG: filolidailylaundry 

3. Jeeves Indonesia


Hailing from London, Jeeves Indonesia has been offering excellent dry cleaning services since 1996. With a special focus on premium fabric and clothing with everything from suits to couture wear, Jeeves dry cleaning services uses the finest technology and solvents, including environmentally-friendly ‘aftercare’ solutions to deliver exceptional results. With a reputation for being detail orientated, Jeeves ensures your outfits are returned to you good as new by also taking care of all minor wardrobe issues, including stain removals and hand finishing of all garments such as minor repairs of loose hems and buttons.

Where to find Jeeves:
Hang Lekir
Pondok Indah

Complete address:
IG: jeevesindonesia

4. KLEEN Laundry

KLEEN Laundry

KLEEN Laundry provides a top-notch laundry service ranging from premium service in bulk and by piece. They also provide Laundry Strollers through Baby Kleen services, specialists in deep steam cleaning or steam washing methods for maximum sanitation and cleaning of your baby's equipment.

Where to find KLEEN Laundry:
Pondok Indah 
Panglima Polim
Emerald Bintaro 
Duren Tiga 
Pondok Labu 

For complete address, please search on
IG: kleenlaundry

5. Laundrette


Laundrette is one of the most sought after dry-cleaning companies in the city, all thanks to its affordable cost yet excellent service and over 50 outlets. Laundrette uses solvents that ensure the quality of your outfits does not deteriorate even with repetitive treatments. Their solvents not only keep your outfits clean and fresh but also the fabric smooth. Another key service that has helped Laundrette rise to popularity quickly is their pick-up and delivery service. You can simply fill a form found on their website or give them a call to arrange the most suitable pick-up or delivery time for your wash load.

Visit their website for a complete list of the outlets
IG: laundrette.indonesia

6. Londre


Londre with more than 20 years of experience in the industry offers the highest level of quality for all of today's finest fashions, from your suit to your casual wear and even for your beautiful party and wedding dress. Londre ensures each garment gets the care it deserves. Careful cleaning and hand finishing to ensure your clothes will look and feel like new.

Where to find Londre:
Plaza Indonesia
Bendungan Hilir
Plaza Senayan
Duren Sawit
Ahmad Dahlan

For complete address, please search on

7. Vivaglo by Colorwash


Colorwash has always been a popular service for cleaning luxury shoes and bags in Jakarta. Realizing the need for a professional dry cleaning service with the same high-quality standard in town, Colorwash established Vivaglo. Vivaglo specializes in high-quality garment care, including cotton, silk, linen, leather, and suede, using chemicals that are safe and non-toxic to our bodies as well as the environment. To deliver impeccable results Vivaglo sources its dry cleaning technology and solvents from Germany. You can also drop off your laundry with their partner: Colorwash.

Where can you find Vivaglo by Colorwash:
Hang Tuah
Plaza Indonesia
Mall of Indonesia
Plaza Senayan
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pondok Indah mall II

Complete address: