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The Top Venues to Party around Gunawarman and Senopati

The neighborhood of Gunawarman and Senopati is more exuberant every time the sun sets. That’s why we don’t call it “senoparty” for nothing. The nightlife scene is in full swing with the city's hottest spots packed with great music and full of energy crowds. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for some shots of booze because we’re listing the best venues to party around Gunawarman and Senopati.

Best Venues to Party around Gunawarman and Senopati


A/A Bar


A/A Bar
Photo credit by Instagram @aa___bar


A/A Bar is one of Jakarta's speakeasy cocktail bars where lovers of finely crafted beverages can immerse themselves in mystery. Concealed under the dim lights of the city's south. A/A Bar establishes itself as the city's ultimate hidden gem. With live jazz tunes played throughout the week, A/A Bar welcomes the city's elite crowd and cocktails lovers to the most intriguing bar in town.

Jl. Gunawarman No.79, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
Phone: +6285921582888



Cantinero Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @cantinerojkt


Situated below Fūjin Izakaya in Gunawarman, Cantinero is an underground Mexican cantina highly focusing on tequila-based cocktails and tropical fruits to side. Reenacting the lively night scene of Mexico City, Cantinero is set up for those who are on the lookout for a fun night out in town. With a simple and fresh approach, patrons are lulled to enjoy the dynamic and colors of the Mexican cantina with tapas food, drinks and live music every night.

Jl. Gunawarman No.21, Jakarta 12110, Indonesia
Phone: +6281298663434

Duck Down Bar


Duck Down Bar
Photo credit by Instagram @duckdownjkt


Duck Down Bar is an American dive-inspired bar with a lousy interior and the audacious posters covering the wall give another surprise to the out-of-sight establishment. Duck Down Bar collides rock ‘n’ roll and good vibes like no one do these days. Giving targeted patrons the nostalgic feeling that reminds them of some local college bars they used to go to during their heyday.

Jl. Gunawarman No.61, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
Phone: +628118490073



Soren Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @sorenjakarta


Time to raise your glasses and celebrate the good times with your friends! SØREN Jakarta is the place to be to vibe and sing your heart out together after sundown. Go wild for a while with your homies with some electrifying performances from the live performances and DJs.

Jl. Gunawarman No.30, Jakarta 12110, Indonesia
Phone: +62 812-1217-2110

The Brotherhood of Gunawarman


The Brotherhood Gunawarman
Photo credit by Instagram @brotherhood.jkt


Everybody's favorite Brooklyn bar that'll whisk you away to the fabulous golden age! The Brotherhood of Gunawarman's meticulously designed joint oozes that timeless charm, where glasses clink and laughter fills the air. From the retro charm to the swinging dancefloor that grooves to rock 'n' roll, every nook invites you to bask in nostalgia and embrace camaraderie.

Jl. Gunawarman No.40, Jakarta 12110, Indonesia
Phone: +62 811-9209-005 ⁣


Ms. Jackson Jakarta


Ms Jackson Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @msjacksonjkt


The best boogie nights can be found here! Ms. Jackson Jakarta features an American R&B style concept that is not quite large, but in terms of crowd and vibe, it's perfect for holding a more intimate party. The lineup is crazy, making sure the crowd won't stop dancing and singing.

Jl. Suryo No.15, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
Phone: +6281212227339



Nara Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @narajkt


Nara is inspired by Tokyo’s izakayas known for their party mega-mix of karaoke, an extensive range of fine Japanese sake, whiskies and vivacious energy. The multi-level space lends itself perfectly for sit-down casual dinners; intimate fete at the VIP section and made-to-house loungers on the upper floor that comes with impressive skylight for patrons to feast on Jakarta’s dreamy-lit skyline.

Jl. Senopati No 86. Jakarta Selatan
Photo: +62 812-9960-7722



ODIN Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @odinjkt


ODIN is a Spanish eclectic sky bar in the Senopati area. This spot is still one of our favorite places to dance and meet people. If you decide to go here, we suggest going early in the night, as lines tend to form later in the night!

Jl. Senopati No.61, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +62 812 8016 4325



Senovarti Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @senovartijakarta


Located in the heart of South Jakarta, Senopati, Senovarti brings together dining and entertainment to create new ambiance and vibes in one place. A place where you can enjoy good food, music performances, and get entertained. To increase your dopamine at night, Senovarti provides the best entertainment in town.

Jl. Suryo No.49, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
Phone: +62 811-4014-949

Valhalla Jakarta


Valhalla Jakarta
Photo credit by Instagram @valhallajkt


Valhalla Jakarta is a prominent nightlife destination known for its international appeal. Established in 2022, it offers an exceptional clubbing experience. What sets Valhalla Jakarta stunning is its remarkable audio-visual system, featuring mesmerizing laser shows and large LED screens that create a futuristic ambiance for an enhanced patron experience.

Jl. Senopati No.74, Jakarta 12110, Indonesia
Phone: +62 858-9008-3598

Zodiac Space & Bar


Zodiac Space & Bar
Photo credit by Instagram @zodiacjakarta


Zodiac Space & Bar is a light-mood music bar on the weekdays, turning into a small club on the weekends. Taking it a step further beyond the bar’s immaculate sound landscape, Zodiac provides a permanent retail exhibition space created for showcases, exhibitions, and pop-up shops. Zodiac actively finds fresh activations with different fashion brands, music collectives, DJs from around the world, and neighboring businesses.

Jl. Senopati Raya No.64, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Phone: +62 878-8896-3422

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