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Indulge in Jakarta's culinary delights with our ultimate food and drinks guide. Discover the best restaurants, street food, and local delicacies in Jakarta. Satisfy your taste buds and explore the vibrant food scene in the city.

Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Jakarta

Chinese Lunar New Year is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the trad

20+ Best Restaurants for Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner in Jakarta

Step into Jakarta's romantic haven with "Indulge in Romance: Discover Jakarta's Most Romantic Restaurants for Valenti


Chinese food is incredibly popular in Indonesia, and especially Jakarta.

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Jakarta has been increasingly embracing healthy lifestyle choices because the trend of hea

The Best Places to Get Cromboloni in Jakarta

Another new food trend surfaces, it is hyping the culinary scene in Jakarta right now.

20+ Best Weekend Brunches in Jakarta

Jakarta New Tables: January 2024

Embark on a delicious journey as the New Year brings new tantalizing delights.

The Best New Year Brunch and Dinner in Jakarta

Kick off a brand new year with festive and lavish dining.

The Best Restaurants Special Christmas Menu in Jakarta

Christmas is a perfect occasion that brings families and friends together, preferably over

Best Christmas Brunch and Dinner Deals in Jakarta

Skip the hassle at home and join the festivity in these spots so you will have more time t

Best Christmas Hampers in Jakarta

Celebrate this festive season by sharing the joy with your family and friends, and your bu