Plaza Indonesia has successfully created a new trend in fashion and shopping by holding Object of Desire jewelry fashion show on 23 October – 4 November 2018. The luxury objects are highlighted through several shows, where a lot of fantastic collaborations are happening. The participating brands are Bvlgari, Mondial, Frank & Co, Tiffany & Co, Wanda House of Jewels, Passion Prive, and Star Diamond. Each brand introduces their newest and best collections that include rings, bracelets, necklace, tiara, and many other shiny accessories.


Through this event, Plaza Indonesia wants to create a fun experience for both fashion brands and their customers. Being able to see the jewelry on the models, customers can become more confident to purchase the items that would fit them and their styles.

“The customer’s need of jewelry is increasing, and jewelry designs are becoming more creative. From there we want to bring together the jewelry brands in Plaza Indonesia with the consumers, as well as showcasing the latest trends in jewelry,” explained Zamri Mamat, General Manager Marketing Plaza Indonesia.


Of course, luxury jewelries have to be paired with a proper clothing so they can emit their maximum beauty. That is why Object of Desire has also created collaborations with fashion brands and designers. IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana, Wilsen Willim, Auguste Soesastro, Sebastian Red, House of Wanda & Alva, StellaRissa, and Lace by Artkea participate in this unique project. Object of Desire is also supported by makeup artists from LT Pro.

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