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Famous Jakarta Historical Places You Need to See

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local, there is something enthralling about visiting the Jakarta icons and landmarks. Wondering what are they? Here’s the list of the most famous landmarks with historical value in Jakarta.
13 Art Galleries and Museums in Jakarta

14 Art Galleries and Museums in Jakarta

If you look carefully, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, actually has a bustling art scene scattered all over the city.

10 Must Visit Museums in Jakarta

Exploring museums in a city, is a great way to learn and appreciate a nation’s wealth of history and culture. In Jakarta, some museums are better preserved than the others, but we still encourage you to visit these museums for a relaxing walk and an enriching experience.

Fun Things to Do in Ancol Dreamland

If you are interested in taking all relatives on vacation to Ancol, here are fun things that you can do inside Ancol Dreamland

5 Best Bowling Alleys in Jakarta

Although not plenty (some of the really good ones closed in recent years), Jakarta still has a few decent bowling alleys to satisfy your craving for a good bowling session with your friends
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