Food & Drink

Your ultimate food and drink guide in Jakarta. Featuring where are the best dine and drink places you can go.

Where to Buy Mooncake in Jakarta

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes is a Chinese tradition that allows you to share some joy with the loved

11 Best Dining Places in Cipete, South Jakarta

Cipete, South Jakarta, is home to a number of chic eateries, cozy little cafes and shops that some, have made it into the list of Jakarta's trendiest.

6 Gluten-Free Cake & Bake Shops in Jakarta

Getting more health-conscious, people of Jakarta demands gluten-free cakes, bread, or cookies to be easier to find. Thankfully some cake

Best Places for Gyudon in Jakarta

Gyudon is literally "beef bowl", a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef, egg, garlic. These

7 Best Donut Shops in Jakarta

From classic to artisanal, here are the best donut shops in Jakarta. 1. GORDON Donuts & Coffee GORDON is known
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