Take your family to take a little adventure and enjoy the fresh air outside the bustle of the big city. Come and have fun in some places with either waterfall or hot water attraction in the cool mountain air. You can find these waterfalls in Jakarta’s surrounding area, including Puncak and Bogor that can be reached within hours. You will notice all of the waterfalls’ name starts with the word ‘curug’, which means waterfall in sundanese.

1. Curug Cilember, Bogor

Cilember is a village located in Cisarua, Puncak, West Java, with its waterfall as the most popular destination. In Cilember waterfall, you will be faced with a challenge to visit seven waterfalls that in the region with an increasingly difficult terrain.

Jl. Raya Cisarua, KM.10, West Java

2. Curug Nangka

Curug Nangka is a waterfall located in Ciapus, Bogor, West Java, about 25 km from Bogor city center, that can be reached in about an hour by car. Not far from Curug Nangka, you can also find Curug Luhur, Curug Daun & Curug Kawung, all still within the area of Gunung Salak. Curug Nangka waterfall has 3 stages, ranging from 10 to 20 m tall. If you’re lucky you can also spot some wild monkeys swinging in between the branches.

3. Curug Seribu

photo: lutfifiieanie.wordpress.com

Curug Seribu is a waterfall that falls from a water source perched nearly 100 meter tall. On your way to this waterfall, there are three other waterfalls, Curug Cihurang, Curuk Ngumpet, and Curug Cigamea, ranging from 5 to 10 meters tall. Located 750 to 1050 above sea level, these waterfalls are within the Gunung Bunder area in the Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, approximately 38 km away from Bogor city center, or about 1 hour away by car (with minimum traffic).  In the area, you can enjoy some facilities for tourists such as public toilet, camping ground, and some basic food stalls.

4. Curug Bidadari, Sentul

photo: wisnuwidiarta.wordpress.com

From a glance, you might think that this waterfall is man-made, judging from the pool on the bottom of it. But Curug Bidadari is actually a natural waterfall within the Sentul Paradise Park. Unlike some of the other waterfalls in this list that are a little bit more challenging to get to, this waterfall is obviously very easy to reach, perfect for worry free excursion with the whole family.