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Ranch Market Celebrates the Amazing 25th Anniversary

Ranch Market Celebrates the Amazing 25th Anniversary

This year, Ranch Market, under the auspices of PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Marking a special milestone in its quarter-century, Ranch Market strives to achieve continuous improvements, in line with its commitment to deliver excellence to its customers. Despite market fluctuations, Ranch Market relentlessly pursues innovation to remain at the forefront. 

Ranch Market Celebrates the Amazing 25th Anniversary 

Over the span of 25 years, Ranch Market has been consistently offering premium-quality products for its middle to high-end customers. Through its excellent service, Ranch Market perpetually provides a delightful and satisfying shopping experience. More than just a shopping experience, Ranch Market’s customers receive education on food products for a healthy and balanced life.

"The 25th anniversary of Ranch Market carries the theme 'Fresh & Healthy Tomorrow'. This theme is designed to inspire our customers to maintain their commitment to a balanced life and environmental preservation by consuming healthy and fresh ingredients." explained Mrs. Maria Suwarni, Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer (CMMO) of PT. Supra Boga Lestari Tbk.

Ranch Market Celebrates the Amazing 25th Anniversary

"In addition, we are also conducting a series of environmental awareness programs, one of which is ‘Sustaining Our World for a Better Tomorrow’, by providing a drop box for plastic waste in several Ranch Market outlets. Then we recycled and upcycled a total of 8,000 plastic wastes from these drop boxes into “Tabur Daur”, an art installation project collaborating with TacTic Art Group. We are proud to say that we managed to achieve a MURI (Indonesian Museum of Record) record for this project.” She added.

Ranch Market and TacTic Art Program also carry out another interesting workshop program in partnership with “Sahabat Anak” to educate youths about plastic waste and empower them to create upcycled products that can be sold. This program goes in line with the spirit of PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk. which always focuses on education, environmental balance and sustainability.

The celebration of Ranch Market’s 25th Anniversary will be on its birthday, 19 October 2023, holding an appreciation night at The Tribrata Darmawangsa. This appreciation is addressed to suppliers and partners, for their support to Ranch Market for the past 25 years. Adding the celebration, Ranch Market will also present awards to its suppliers with The Ranch Recognition Award 2023 for 4 selected partners and The Ranch Customer Choice Award 2023, to the one favorite brand chosen by loyal Ranch Market customers.

MyTRUST member application changed to RANCH

Since 2016, PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk offers MyTRUST (TRUe STandard) as a loyalty program for customers. Along with a new journey towards transformation and a focus on increasing customer satisfaction, in 2023 we have joined Blibli Tiket Rewards, uniting our loyalty program to provide more benefits to our loyal customers.

Coinciding with the Ranch Market's 25th anniversary on 19 October 2023, the "MyTRUST" membership program has been changed to "RANCH by Blibli Tiket". Along with this new step, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our loyal members who have always been with us. Your support and trust have been the driving force behind our transformation journey. RANCH membership brings new opportunities, more benefits, and unforgettable experiences.

The artwork "Tabur Daur" broke the MURI record with MURI record for the largest painting from recycled waste

Ranch Market Celebrates the Amazing 25th Anniversary

Tabur Daur is an artwork made from recycled materials, which founded based on the concept of the interconnectedness of nature and climate. The concept of this artwork has deep roots in many traditions and mythologies from around the world, harmonized under the "Bapak Langit & Ibu Bumi" concept. Bapak Langit represents the elements of the sky, weather, and things in the atmosphere, while Ibu Bumi represents the land, nature, and fertility. Both complement each other in maintaining the balance of the universe.

By integrating the concept of "Bapak Langit & Ibu Bumi" into recycled art, it is hoped that it will raise public awareness about the importance of preserving the balance of nature and recycling for a fresher and healthier future.