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YELLO Hotel Harmoni present Dance Cover Competition 2022

YELLO Harmoni collaborates with Saycrew DC present 'Dance Cover Competition' with the theme Korean pop or K-Pop. A dance competition  is a creative event for a community or group of competent dancers to become interesting entertainment. Through this dance competition, the community of dancers can develop their talents or express themselves in art. This is in line with the Brand Pillars of YELLO Hotel, namely dynamic, youthful, urban. contemporary, and non-conformist.

Kpop is a music industry that is synonymous with groups consisting of many members, up-beat music and their energetic dances. K-pop in Indonesia itself is a common thing, especially for young people.

General Manager of YELLO Hotel Harmoni, Christoph Voegeli said that through this competition it was hoped that it would provide space for creativity and support the distribution of talents for K-Pop dance enthusiasts. YELLO Hotel Harmoni is committed to consistently present this similar events in the future to support youth and passion for creativity.

The selection of winners is based on the number of video likes that have been posted on social media YELLO Harmoni @yelloharmoni, the selection starts from October 24-30 and the announced on November 1, 2022. From the results of the election it was announced that the winner was the group Sad Girls who covered the dance from IVE entitled Afterlike. Winners get cash IDR 1.500.000,- and YELLO Room Suite vouchers from YELLO Hotel Harmoni.

Dance cover competition is a series of activities carried out by YELLO Hotel Harmoni in supporting the creativity of young people. Previously, YELLO Hotel Harmoni had “Breathtaking Diversity” activities with the main objective to appreciate existing diversity and help introduce their different abilities and skills to the wider community.

This link is a video from the Dance cover competition in collaboration with Saycrew DC, , ,