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Markette Introduces Its First Outlet in Kota Kasablanka, Dominating Discussions Among Culinary Enthusiasts.

Markette, the newly launched culinary gem in Jakarta, has officially opened its first outlet at Mall Kota Kasablanka, Ground Floor (GF) area Food Society, successfully capturing the attention of culinary enthusiasts. Markette brings the experience and sensation of Western-style Crafted Gourmet Dining, offering quality dishes with high taste standards, and also served with artistic aesthetics. In the culinary world, gourmet is about indulging the palate with unique flavors. Therefore, Markette is ready to become the primary destination for urbanites and culinary enthusiasts.

Markette invites customers to embark on their culinary journey through the deliciousness of skillet meals, various dishes served in Western-style pans, to the layers upon layers that tantalize the palate of its gourmet sandwiches. "We are very pleased to introduce Markette to the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Jakarta," said Stefani Irwan, Ismaya Group's Group Marketing Manager. "We chose to introduce the Markette concept because we wanted to create a vibrant and relevant restaurant for urban lifestyles. The dishes served are inspired by various Western cuisines, where we prioritize quality ingredients in each presentation. We want to make Markette not just a restaurant, but a culinary destination where visitors can gather while enjoying a variety of dishes at Markette."

At Markette, customers will be served with various dishes that tantalize the taste buds, such as Markette's Sandwich, Markette's Roasted Chicken, and Birria Sandwich. Gourmet culinary lovers can enjoy steak menus with various side dish options such as broken potato, mashed potato, roasted veggies, and also rice (butter rice) as complements, or dip the sandwich into rich-flavored broth like the Birria Sandwich menu. Markette presents these dishes with meticulous attention to every detail so that each dish will evoke a foodgasm sensation, which is a feeling of joy when enjoying food."

Stefani said, "Sandwiches are a very popular food worldwide. At Markette, we offer various authentic and comforting sandwiches and Western dishes, suitable for those craving unique and quality cuisine. In addition, Markette offers gourmet meals in a trendy stall atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for customers who want to stop by or socialize."

"We hope Markette can become a culinary destination for people looking for restaurants with elegant outlets and enjoy crafted gourmet meals with loved ones or colleagues."

Markette is Ismaya Group's first Crafted Gourmet Dining establishment selling sandwiches starting from Rp 125,000, steaks starting from Rp 165,000, and beverages starting from Rp 21,000. For more information about Markette, you can visit its Instagram page here or @markette.jkt.