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Weekend Bliss at Taste of Italy's Roast & Grill Extravaganza, The Trans Luxury Hotel

Weekend Bliss at Taste of Italy's Roast & Grill Extravaganza, The Trans Luxury Hotel

After the successful Taste of Italy last June, The Trans Luxury Hotel continues to satisfy our taste buds and cravings for authentic Italian food. This time, the theme is Roast & Grill, an extravaganza food offering orchestrated by the culinary prowess of Chef Francesco Bettoli and Chef I Dewa Rahatna. As we step inside the restaurant, we are immediately captivated by the tantalizing array of dishes that promise to take us on a culinary journey through the heart of Italy. 

The distinctive aroma of the dishes envelops us, creating an atmosphere that heightens our anticipation and makes our stomachs rumble in delight. It's a symphony of scents that beckons us toward the buffet, where the culinary masterpieces are showcased with pride.

lamb rack
Lamb Rack

Our culinary adventure begins with a warm welcome from the Lamb Rack, its succulent aroma wafting through the air. The Rump Steak, perfectly grilled and seasoned, proudly stands next to it, creating a feast for the eyes. The meats glisten under the ambient lights, promising a flavor explosion with every bite. Accompanied by the perfect pairing of focaccia, the experience is elevated to a symphony of flavors that complement the beef.

chicken diavola
Chicken Diavola

Just before delving deeper into the buffet, our attention is captivated by the live cooking in the grill station, nestled in the semi-outdoor area of the restaurant. This adds an extra layer of excitement to our dining experience. The chef introduces Organic Chicken alla Diavola Style, boasting a delightful blend of Italian herbs and a subtly spicy taste. Marinated for 24 hours, the chicken guarantees an undoubtedly great flavor—a must-try for enthusiasts of spice and aromatic dishes.

spicy meatball pizza
Spicy meatball pizza

Embarking on a delectable culinary journey, our adventure through Italian flavors unfolds with the fiery zest of Organic Chicken alla Diavola, the savory indulgence of Italian Spicy Meatball Pizza, and the timeless elegance of the Margherita Pizza. The Organic Chicken alla Diavola ignites the palate with its spicy kick, paving the way for the hearty, flavorful encounter with the Spicy Meatball Pizza—a symphony of well-seasoned meatballs, zesty tomato sauce, and melted cheese on a perfectly crafted crust.

brisket carbonara
Brisket Carbonara

Furthermore, the Brisket Carbonara is also not to be missed! As the chef prepared our chosen pasta, the mouthwatering parmesan cheese felt like it's waving to us, and we asked for more parmesan cheese for our pasta. Each twirl of the fork captures the essence of indulgence, as the savory brisket interplays with the silkiness of the carbonara sauce. The parmesan, generously grated over the dish, becomes a delightful garnish, enhancing the overall umami experience.

With the tantalizing sweetness found in the array of desserts, our culinary journey culminates in the exquisite Tiramisu and Gelato. The Tiramisu, a heavenly delight, seamlessly blends smoothness and sweetness into a perfect symphony. Meanwhile, the Gelato's smooth and creamy texture serves as a testament to the authenticity and craftsmanship that define the culinary offerings of Taste of Italy: Roast & Grill.

grill station
Grill station

This culinary adventure beckons you to explore these delightful creations every Saturday from 6 PM to 9 PM. Prices start from 168k++ for kids and 308k++ for adults, ensuring a savory experience that will linger in your memories. Indulge your senses and savor the authentic flavors of Italy at The Restaurant of Trans Luxury Hotel.

The Trans Luxury Hotel
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