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Kisah Titik Teduh: Celebrating a Century of Braga Permai Restaurant's Excellence

Braga Permai Restaurant, a culinary icon of Bandung, is thrilled to announce its upcoming 100-year anniversary celebration on November 1, 2023. Over the course of the following months, Braga Permai will embark on a series of captivating events under the theme "Kisah Titik Teduh".

Braga Permai Restaurant holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Bandung, as it has stood as a pillar of culinary excellence for a century. To commemorate this remarkable milestone, the restaurant will host a year-long celebration that pays tribute to the rich history and unforgettable experiences it has provided to patrons over the years.

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"Kisah Titik Teduh" campaign aims to capture the unique stories and cherished memories that have unfolded within the walls of Braga Permai Restaurant. Each month leading up to the grand anniversary event, customers will be invited to share their heartwarming tales through social media using the dedicated hashtag #BragaPermai100Tahun.

Since its establishment in 1923, Braga Permai has become a beloved culinary landmark, woven into the fabric of Bandung's rich history. As they embark on their centennial anniversary, they invite their esteemed patrons and loyal community members to share their cherished memories and personal stories with Braga Permai in our ‘Wall of Words’. Braga Permai Restaurant believe that every visit to their restaurant has left an indelible mark, and they are eager to hear the unique narratives that have shaped their guests' lives.

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In addition to the heartwarming stories, Braga Permai will also host an exciting photo competition. Participants will have the opportunity to recreate the iconic Braga Permai logo pose and capture it in a photograph. The competition will run in October and winners will be receiving cash reward, their exclusive merchandise and a chance to compete for the grand prize—a luxurious dining experience at the restaurant's anniversary gala.

To honor the restaurant's rich culinary heritage, Braga Permai will bring back its signature menu items from the early days. Customers will have the chance to savor the beloved dishes that have delighted generations, prepared with the same dedication and authenticity that have become synonymous with Braga Permai.

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The grand finale of the 100-year anniversary celebration will take place on November 1, 2023. This gala event will feature a nostalgic ambiance, immersing guests in a bygone era while celebrating the future of Braga Permai. The evening will be filled with live music performances, captivating storytelling, and a menu specially curated to showcase the restaurant's culinary legacy.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued patronage and invite you to join us in celebrating a century of timeless elegance, culinary excellence, and cherished memories. The year-long series of events promises to be a journey filled with love, warmth, and the shared experiences that have made Braga Permai an enduring symbol of Bandung's culinary landscape.

Braga Permai Restaurant
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